FTD DotA Champions!
FTD outsmarts cD to become DotA Champions!
After a very exciting grand final in the DotA Challenge, For The Dream can rename themselves for actually accomplishing the dream of being the best Chinese team in the Global Challenge Chengdu, Chinese pro/am challenge!

Despite some technical difficulties, loading saved states of the game, FTD seemed unaffected, as a incredibly well farmed Spectre and Viper can carry the team right to the Scourge Frozen Throne.

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Comme Dieu's early advantage

With a lineup of Rylai, Phantom Lancer, Abaddon, Medusa and Puck, it was quite clear that the finalists in Comme Dieu (cD) had an early advantage, being able to push their way all up to the Sentinel base towers. However, with a very solid farm on Spectre and Viper, it was clear that in time, FTD could come back and possibly overcome the pushes in the later part of the game.

Viper with HoT, Vanguard

FTD picking Viper made it clear that they could hold back early game, not losing it before their prime time of the game. Claiming the first kills, Viper was able to get an early vanguard as well as a fairly early Heart of Tarrasque. Being that strong, he could fend any attempt of offensive play from cD, having the support of Warlock, Zeus and Lion.

In the meantime, Spectre roamed the map to gain gold and experience to later on possess the deadly Radiance that in the end granted them the $8,000 that comes with the champions title.

The third place decider will be starting at 13:30 local time, played out of CH and cYc.

1. For the Dream ($8,000)
2. Comme Deiu ($4,000)
3. cYc/CH - TBD ($2,000)
4. cYc/CH - TBD ($1,000)

The replay will be up for download shortly.
Genie, Saturday, 03/10/09 01:36
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