Day 3
11:00 set start for incredible gaming day
Day three of the Global Challenge in Chengdu is about to start. 11:00, local time, the action begins with major matches in all three disciplines, as everything is at stake at the last day of the event.

11:00 - WeMade Fox vs TyLoo (game for 3rd place)
11:00 - FTD - cD (Grand Final)
12:15 - Moon vs FoCuS (Semi Final)
13:30 - Sky vs Fly100% (Semi Final)
13:30 - fnatic vs SK (Grand Final)
13:30 - CH vs cYc (game or 3rd place)
14:45 - game for 3rd place
16:00 - Grand Final

Stay put at ESL TV to catch all the games live with English commentating!
Genie, Friday, 02/10/09 23:07
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