Requesting PoV's
Request your PoV's!
In this news, we welcome you to request any PoV's from the Counter-Strike Group stage that was played during day 1. Our admins will to everything they can to upload the requested PoV demo's, so fire away!
Genie, Thursday, 01/10/09 23:22
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we want Jungle! :D
why dont you guys say to us for example we made fox in game configs like resolution and crosshair size, and theyr equipment, i just saw you guys doing that once... do it more often its very nice to know that
I'd like to see CT side of EG.Warden on de_train vs. MiBR.

I'd like to see too the SK PoVs because they never release them for free on their website!!! So yeah, it would just to disappoint them (I think they have no rights on these demos, do they?)
we waaaaant Jungle PoV vs. ALL ! :D pls mighty admins make this dream-come-true :D
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