PoV Demo's, CS Day 1
PoV demo's from Counter-Strike Day 1
Day one passed by, finishing the group stage of Counter-Strike - day two featuring the first part of the playoffs. Now, our kind admins have uploaded as many PoV demo's from the first day that they could get.

TyLoo xf vs. fnatic
TyLoo goodrifle & xf vs. SC.United
WeMade Fox Glow & Termi vs. k23
k23 adren & anv1k vs. WeMade Fox
EG Storm & Lurppis vs. mibr
mibr Cogu vs. EG
SK Face & kHRYSTAL vs. WeMade Fox
fnatic f0rest & GeT_RiGhT vs. SC.United
SC.United p1rate vs. fnatic
mibr btt vs. TitaNs
TitaNs StrykerX vs. mibr
EG fRod vs. TitaNs
TitaNs sniggy & syck vs. EG
Genie, Thursday, 01/10/09 22:39
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