Day 2: first day including DotA
Day 2: CS Quarter/Semi's, WC3 Group C/D, DotA Semi's
It's the second day of the Global Challenge Chengdu event, today including first DotA matches, the two last groups of WarCraft III and first part of the Counter-Strike playoffs.

Friday Schedule:
10:00 Group C DeMuslim vs. FoCuS
10:00 Quarter Final #1 WeMade Fox vs. wNv.CN
10:00 Quarter Final #2 TitaNs vs. fnatic
10:00 Semi Final #1 FTD vs. cYc
11:15 Group C TeD vs. FoCuS
12:30 Group C DeMuslim vs. TeD
12:30 Semi Final #2 CH vs. CD
13:45 Group D ReMinD vs. Grubby
13:45 Quarter Final #3 Team EG vs. SK
13:45 Quarter Final #4 TyLoo vs. mouz
15:00 Group D InFi vs. Grubby
16:15 Group D ReMinD vs. InFi
16:15 Semi Final #1 TBA vs. TBA
18:00 Quarter Final #1 TBA vs. TBA
18:45 Semi Final #2 TBA vs. TBA
19:15 Quarter Final #2 TBA vs. TBA

All times are in local, Chinese, time.
Genie, Thursday, 01/10/09 22:27
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