SK Gaming, TitaNs win respective group
SK Gaming no problem in their group, TitaNs narrowly wins
SK Gaming and TitaNs win their respective group to advance together with the runner ups. In Group B, WeMade Fox advance over k23 despite a draw and 1 point each. This is due to the better round score the Koreans possessed.

Group A

TyLoo - 4p
fnatic - 3p
SC.United - 1p

Group B

SK Gaming - 6p
WeMade Fox - 1p
k23 - 1p

Group C

TitaNs eSports - 4p
Team EG - 3p
Made in Brazil - 1p

Group D

wNv Teamwork CN - 6p
mousesports - 3p
Team CD - 0p
Genie, Thursday, 01/10/09 08:14
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Will the matches in the final bracket be assigned by lot or will Group A playing against Group B and c vs. D?
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