Day 1: WC3 over, CS B/C begins
Day 1: WC3 Group A & B done, CS Group B & C starts

WarCraft III continue tomorrow

Day 1 here at the Global Challenge in Chengdu is going in to a new phase, as the two WarCraft III groups scheduled for today are over, Moon and Sky coming out on top respectively.

Group A

Sky - 6p
Lyn - 3p
TH000 - 0p

Group B

Moon - 6p
Fly100% - 3p
Check - 0p

Halfway through Counter-Strike day 1

As for Counter-Strike, two groups has been finished according to the schedule, as the two others will begin now. So far, we have seen some major home soil upsets, as both fnatic and mousesports got beaten by respective Chinese team.

Group A

TyLoo - 4p
fnatic - 3p
SC.United - 1p

Group B

SK Gaming
WeMade Fox

Group C

Team EG
Made in Brazil
TitaNs eSports

Group D

wNv Teamwork CN - 6p
mousesports - 3p
Team CD - 0p
Genie, Thursday, 01/10/09 04:54
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