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Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike ($40,000)
1. $15,000
SK Gaming
2. $7,500
3. $5,000
WeMade Fox
4. $2,500
5-8. $1,500
Team EG
TitaNs eSports
9-12. $1,000
Team CD

DotA ($15,000)
1. $8,000
For The Dream
2. $4,000
comme Dieu
3. $2,000
4. $1,000
City Hunter

WarCraft III ($10,000)
1. $5,000
2. $2,500
WeMade Fox | Moon
3. $1,500
4. $1,000

NO.1 Shaxi Line
(Outer Side of JiaoDa Overpass)
Jinniu District, Chengdu
Heroes Digital Entertainment Arena
Happy Valley
Postal district: 610036
Goodbye, Chengdu
03.10.2009 14:12
Goodbye Chengdu, and thank you

Here is where we say goodbye to Chengdu and the Chinese fans that we were all honored to meet throughout the event. It proved to be a both very successful and entertaining event for both visitors, crew and the players.

One last time, we would like to congratulate our winners in the three games, which are none other than:

SK Gaming
For the Dream

In just a few weeks, our next great event is coming up in Dubai. We hope you are with us again!

CS Grand Final HLTV and PoV demo's
03.10.2009 14:09
SK vs. fnatic HLTV and In-eye demo's uploaded

The grand final of Counter-Strike certainly was an extraordinary match, and of course, our admins have been kind enough to upload all the in-eye demo's along with the HLTV demo. Find it all on the match page linked below!

SK vs. fnatic demo's

Lot's of new photos in Gallery
03.10.2009 13:55
Prize ceremony, fnatic vs. SK and much more in the gallery

Lot's of new photos are uploaded to our Saturday gallery. See SK Gaming take down fnatic, the prize ceremony and much more!

See full Gallery here

Fly100% wins Moon, becomes champion
03.10.2009 12:37
Fly100% wins towerful grand final against Moon

Chinese super orc Fly100% manages to take down Moon in two towerful (and short) matches. The greenskin become $5,000 richer, while the fifth race settles for $2,500.

Game one worked in favour of Fly100% from the first minute, managing to secure a handful of towers in Moon's base and ending it from there despite Moon's attempt to stop them with Pit Lord as second hero.

The second game was much closer, even in favour of Moon some might say. With a couple of Night Elf Protectors in the base of Fly, it looked like there was no return, but with splendid micromanagement and a lot of calmness from the Orc, he managed to turn it around, leaving Moon in a hole, poking him down again and again until giving up.

The spectator area was packed with enthusiastic fans clapping and cheering and once the match was over, fans stormed the stage to get autographs and pictures.

1. Fly100% ($5,000)
2. Moon ($2,500)
3. Sky ($1,500)
4. FoCuS ($1,000)

Sky grabs third place over FoCuS
03.10.2009 12:02
Sky twozero's FoCuS to grab third place

Home soil superstar Sky overcomes FoCuS to grab third place after a 2:0 score. Throughout the two matches, packed with action, the crowd supported Sky to overcome the major threat FoCuS was putting on.

Sky claims $1,500, while FoCuS goes home with $1,000. The Grand Final between Moon and Fly100% starts now!

SK champions of China
03.10.2009 11:48
SK champions of Global Challenge Chengdu after another over time

SK Gaming become champions of the Global Challenge Chengdu after another overtime map, this time on train. Screaming fans and photographers surround the new team SK as they narrowly overcome countrymen fnatic to claim the $15,000 that comes with the first place. fnatic will have to settle with $7,500.

New lineup, new success

Just like fnatic did in Hannover on last season's Global Finals, SK Gaming brings in two new players and with lots of information take home the grand prize.

Walle, RobbaN, allen, face and kHRYSTAL can call themselves champions of Global Challenge Chengdu after an incredible performance.

1. SK Gaming ($15,000)
2. fnatic ($7,500)
3. WeMade Fox ($5,000)
4. TyLoo ($2,500)

Fly overcomes Sky
03.10.2009 10:37
Fly overcomes Sky in second semi final

Fly100% does exactly what his nickname says, flying past Sky in the second Semi Final. Best of three, the Orc managed to snatch first and third map against the Human player, leaving Sky to fight for the third place against FoCuS.

This means that we have another Orc going up against might Moon to determine who the best player in the world is. The Grand Final will be played later on today.

Replays will be available soon.

SK obtain first map in grand final
03.10.2009 10:29
SK obtains first map over fnatic in grand final

Two Swedish teams are currently battling it out in the Grand Final of Counter-Strike. Just about now, SK Gaming managed to snatch the first map (nuke) from fnatic, proving that their new lineup have practised enough to even take on fnatic.

Full Saturday Gallery

The players are currently discussing strategy, waiting for the second map (dust2) to decide the story of the Global Challenge Chengdu.

Moon and FoCuS write history
03.10.2009 09:52
Moon and FoCuS write history with epic best of three

The first semi final of the WarCraft III tournament between Moon and FoCuS just finished in what was an epic best of three that will make all WarCraft III haters rethink their hate, make all the WarCraft III fans that lately has been discouraged be encouraged, make all the Moon fans jump with joy, and as a matter of fact, make all the FoCuS fans jump with joy with a tear in their eye.

Being up one to one, the two Koreans went up head to head on Turtle Rock, seeing a close position spawn. FoCuS taking an early advantage, build an expansion outside Moon's base, granting him early pressure, and what becomes pressure throughout the full game.

Moon, being in a bad position, will just no let go, starting to hide expansion on numerous places throughout the map, trying to defend the Blade Masters/Sea Witch/Tinker trio and constant closuring towers from FoCuS with his own Demon Hunter/Beastmaster/Tinker trio supported by Talons.

Back and forth, the game goes on for a good 30 minutes with constant action, eventually giving both the trio's of heroes level six and above. A level seven Blade Masters together with loads of raiders could just not finish a level six Demon Hunter, Beastmaster and Tinker that over and over takes out expansions and units. Well, not even five Chimaera Roosts could finish the game that gave the fans a constant joy and reason so scream out happiness and surprise.

In the end, FoCuS is the one that calls "good game", letting the whole crowd storm the lonely Moon sitting on stage that probably is a lot happier than he looked. One could not help to feel sad for FoCuS for not advancing with his extraordinary attempts, let alone feel happy about seeing Moon in the grand final again, this time up against Sky or Fly100% that will start their match shortly.

The replays will of course be uploaded shortly.

As a consequence of the game, Moon is now taking a little nap in the player area, probably incredibly exhausted.

Moon > FoCuS
Moon < FoCuS
Moon > FoCuS

FTD DotA Champions!
03.10.2009 07:36
FTD outsmarts cD to become DotA Champions!

After a very exciting grand final in the DotA Challenge, For The Dream can rename themselves for actually accomplishing the dream of being the best Chinese team in the Global Challenge Chengdu, Chinese pro/am challenge!

Despite some technical difficulties, loading saved states of the game, FTD seemed unaffected, as a incredibly well farmed Spectre and Viper can carry the team right to the Scourge Frozen Throne.

Full Saturday Gallery

Comme Dieu's early advantage

With a lineup of Rylai, Phantom Lancer, Abaddon, Medusa and Puck, it was quite clear that the finalists in Comme Dieu (cD) had an early advantage, being able to push their way all up to the Sentinel base towers. However, with a very solid farm on Spectre and Viper, it was clear that in time, FTD could come back and possibly overcome the pushes in the later part of the game.

Viper with HoT, Vanguard

FTD picking Viper made it clear that they could hold back early game, not losing it before their prime time of the game. Claiming the first kills, Viper was able to get an early vanguard as well as a fairly early Heart of Tarrasque. Being that strong, he could fend any attempt of offensive play from cD, having the support of Warlock, Zeus and Lion.

In the meantime, Spectre roamed the map to gain gold and experience to later on possess the deadly Radiance that in the end granted them the $8,000 that comes with the champions title.

The third place decider will be starting at 13:30 local time, played out of CH and cYc.

1. For the Dream ($8,000)
2. Comme Deiu ($4,000)
3. cYc/CH - TBD ($2,000)
4. cYc/CH - TBD ($1,000)

The replay will be up for download shortly.

Day 3
03.10.2009 05:07
11:00 set start for incredible gaming day

Day three of the Global Challenge in Chengdu is about to start. 11:00, local time, the action begins with major matches in all three disciplines, as everything is at stake at the last day of the event.

11:00 - WeMade Fox vs TyLoo (game for 3rd place)
11:00 - FTD - cD (Grand Final)
12:15 - Moon vs FoCuS (Semi Final)
13:30 - Sky vs Fly100% (Semi Final)
13:30 - fnatic vs SK (Grand Final)
13:30 - CH vs cYc (game or 3rd place)
14:45 - game for 3rd place
16:00 - Grand Final

Stay put at ESL TV to catch all the games live with English commentating!

Global Challenge Chengdu blog
02.10.2009 20:42
Grubby's signature and crazy Chinese fan culture

While Chengdu sleeps in preparation of the 3rd and final day of the Global Challenge, our report Julia "711308" Christophers is giving us the rundown of today's happenings. What are Chinese fans like? How's the atmosphere at the venue? And what does Cassandra carry in her hand bag?

Find out more in this blog.

Moon vs FoCuS in semi final
02.10.2009 15:15
Moon overcomes Lyn to play FoCuS in semi final

The second part of the quarter finals are over, seeing Moon beating Lyn and FoCuS crushing InFi. The two winners advance in to the Semi Finals where they will go head to head in parallel to Sky and Fly100%.

WC3 Semi Finals:
Moon vs. FoCuS
Sky vs. Fly100%

The matches start tomorrow, 11:00 local time, first out on stage being Moon and FoCuS, shortly followed by the Chinese.

SK head in to grand final
02.10.2009 14:40
SK resist Chinese pressure

Just recently, SK Gaming managed to snatch the last round against TyLoo to bring home a real nailbiter. One map each was taken, and heading in to the last map, inferno, the Chinese superstars took an early advantage.

Bringing it back to an even state, SK-Gaming managed to finally steal the last round right under the nose of TyLoo to walk in to victory with a 16:14 score.

Tomorrow's matches:
3rd place decider: TyLoo vs. WeMade Fox (11:00)
Grand Final: SK Gaming vs. fnatic (13:30)

Times are shown in local, Chinese, time.

Sky and Fly advance
02.10.2009 13:38
Sky and Fly100% advance from quarter finals

Latest results from the WarCraft III tournament is here as Sky beats ReMinD with a satisfying 2:0, while Fly100% takes down TeD. This means that the two winners will be facing each other tomorrow in the Semi Final, while ReMinD and TeD are eliminated.

Right now, Lyn is playing Moon and FoCuS takes on InFi in the other two quarters. The latter mentioned are battling it out right now.

fnatic advance over WeMade Fox
02.10.2009 13:32
fnatic victorious in semi, grand final tomorrow

fnatic just recently came out victorious against WeMade Fox in the Semi Final. With 2:0 in maps, the Swedes are heading in to the grand final, facing either SK Gaming or TyLoo.

With two fairly close maps (16:8, 16:11), fnatic stood out on top. Right now, the last map between SK Gaming and TyLoo is played, deciding who will be their opponent in the grand final, fighting for that $15,000 that the winner brings home. The match will be played tomorrow, 13:30, local time.

WeMade Fox will also be seen tomorrow, as they will have the chance to prove themselves again, in the third place match.

Moon vs. Lyn in playoffs
02.10.2009 12:00
Moon up against Lyn in the WC3 Playoffs

The group stage of WarCraft III is over, and we have our eight playoff participants. The playoff drawings are done, as we see Moon go up against Lyn, among others.

Quarter Finals:
Sky vs. ReMinD
TeD vs. Fly100%
Moon vs. Lyn
InFi vs FoCuS

The matches will be streamed on ESL TV after the Counter-Strike semi final.

TyLoo vs SK, fnatic vs WMF
02.10.2009 10:13
TyLoo vs SK, fnatic vs WeMade Fox in Counter-Strike semi's

All four quarter finals are over, seeing TyLoo, home soil favourites, eliminating mousesports, SK overcoming Team EG, fnatic beating TitaNs and finally WeMade Fox owning wNc.CN.

In the semi's, we find the following matchups:
TyLoo vs. SK Gaming
fnatic vs. WeMade Fox

The two matches are the last for today, while the third place match and grand final will be played tomorrow!

Grubby eliminated from Group D
02.10.2009 10:07
InFi and ReMinD twozero's Grubby to advance from Group D

Group D, holding the trio of InFi, ReMinD and Grubby turned out to be anything but easy. As it turns out, both the Asian powerhouses of InFi and ReMinD defeats the Dutchman to advance into the playoffs after both 2:0 scores, leaving Grubby without a single map.

The last match in the group between InFi and ReMinD will start soon, deciding who comes out on the top of the group between the two.

40 new photos
02.10.2009 09:47
40 new photos from day two

40 new photos have been uploaded to the gallery from the Global Challenge Chengdu day 2. See the stars meeting their fans, WarCraft III players playing on big stage and Grubby showing up at the venue!

Full Gallery

WC3 Group C over
02.10.2009 08:01
DeMusliM eliminated, TeD & FoCuS advance

Group C in the WarCraft III part of Global Challenge Chengdu has come to an end, where we see DeMusliM eliminated by the narrow margin of one map loss, letting TeD and FoCuS through to the playoff.

The trio won one match each, however, DeMusliM dropped one close map to TeD but won the two others.

Group C outcome
1st TeD (3p)
2nd FoCuS (3p)
3rd DeMusliM (3p)

Day 2 is continuing with the last group of the day and the tournament, including the trio of Grubby, ReMinD and InFi.

Day 1 recap
02.10.2009 07:45
Day 1 in retrospective

Didn't quite follow day one of the Global Challenge Chengdu? ESL TV made a sum-up of the day in one single video. Check out the atmosphere!

Requesting PoV's
02.10.2009 05:22
Request your PoV's!

In this news, we welcome you to request any PoV's from the Counter-Strike Group stage that was played during day 1. Our admins will to everything they can to upload the requested PoV demo's, so fire away!

PoV Demo's, CS Day 1
02.10.2009 04:39
PoV demo's from Counter-Strike Day 1

Day one passed by, finishing the group stage of Counter-Strike - day two featuring the first part of the playoffs. Now, our kind admins have uploaded as many PoV demo's from the first day that they could get.

TyLoo xf vs. fnatic
TyLoo goodrifle & xf vs. SC.United
WeMade Fox Glow & Termi vs. k23
k23 adren & anv1k vs. WeMade Fox
EG Storm & Lurppis vs. mibr
mibr Cogu vs. EG
SK Face & kHRYSTAL vs. WeMade Fox
fnatic f0rest & GeT_RiGhT vs. SC.United
SC.United p1rate vs. fnatic
mibr btt vs. TitaNs
TitaNs StrykerX vs. mibr
EG fRod vs. TitaNs
TitaNs sniggy & syck vs. EG

Day 2: first day including DotA
02.10.2009 04:27
Day 2: CS Quarter/Semi's, WC3 Group C/D, DotA Semi's

It's the second day of the Global Challenge Chengdu event, today including first DotA matches, the two last groups of WarCraft III and first part of the Counter-Strike playoffs.

Friday Schedule:
10:00 Group C DeMuslim vs. FoCuS
10:00 Quarter Final #1 WeMade Fox vs. wNv.CN
10:00 Quarter Final #2 TitaNs vs. fnatic
10:00 Semi Final #1 FTD vs. cYc
11:15 Group C TeD vs. FoCuS
12:30 Group C DeMuslim vs. TeD
12:30 Semi Final #2 CH vs. CD
13:45 Group D ReMinD vs. Grubby
13:45 Quarter Final #3 Team EG vs. SK
13:45 Quarter Final #4 TyLoo vs. mouz
15:00 Group D InFi vs. Grubby
16:15 Group D ReMinD vs. InFi
16:15 Semi Final #1 TBA vs. TBA
18:00 Quarter Final #1 TBA vs. TBA
18:45 Semi Final #2 TBA vs. TBA
19:15 Quarter Final #2 TBA vs. TBA

All times are in local, Chinese, time.

wNv vs WMF in Asian all-star match
01.10.2009 14:26
wNv up against WeMade Fox in Asian all-star playoff match

The playoff matches for Counter-Strike have been drawn, where we find four great matches, including an Asian all-star match between wNv Teamwork CN and WeMade Fox and TyLoo vs mousesports.

The first match start at 10 o'clock local time tomorrow, broadcasted live at ESL TV. Additionally, all the demo's from the group stage are uploaded to the match sheets here at ESL.

TyLoo vs mousesports
SK Gaming vs Team EG
TitaNs eSports vs fnatic
wNv Teamwork CN vs WeMade Fox

SK Gaming, TitaNs win respective group
01.10.2009 14:14
SK Gaming no problem in their group, TitaNs narrowly wins

SK Gaming and TitaNs win their respective group to advance together with the runner ups. In Group B, WeMade Fox advance over k23 despite a draw and 1 point each. This is due to the better round score the Koreans possessed.

Group A

TyLoo - 4p
fnatic - 3p
SC.United - 1p

Group B

SK Gaming - 6p
WeMade Fox - 1p
k23 - 1p

Group C

TitaNs eSports - 4p
Team EG - 3p
Made in Brazil - 1p

Group D

wNv Teamwork CN - 6p
mousesports - 3p
Team CD - 0p

Feel the atmosphere in Chengdu
01.10.2009 12:57
Feel the atmosphere in Chengdu, new batch of photos uploaded

A new batch of photos has been uploaded to the Global Challenge Chengdu gallery. See pictures of fnatic wearing clown wig and glasses, the massive crowds of WarCraft III, GeT_RiGhT acting as press and fans getting their autographs signed!

See full Thursday gallery!

Day 1: WC3 over, CS B/C begins
01.10.2009 10:54
Day 1: WC3 Group A & B done, CS Group B & C starts

WarCraft III continue tomorrow

Day 1 here at the Global Challenge in Chengdu is going in to a new phase, as the two WarCraft III groups scheduled for today are over, Moon and Sky coming out on top respectively.

Group A

Sky - 6p
Lyn - 3p
TH000 - 0p

Group B

Moon - 6p
Fly100% - 3p
Check - 0p

Halfway through Counter-Strike day 1

As for Counter-Strike, two groups has been finished according to the schedule, as the two others will begin now. So far, we have seen some major home soil upsets, as both fnatic and mousesports got beaten by respective Chinese team.

Group A

TyLoo - 4p
fnatic - 3p
SC.United - 1p

Group B

SK Gaming
WeMade Fox

Group C

Team EG
Made in Brazil
TitaNs eSports

Group D

wNv Teamwork CN - 6p
mousesports - 3p
Team CD - 0p

Chinese stream on PPLive
01.10.2009 10:22
PPLive streams live from Global Challenge Chengdu

For our users that prefer Chinese streaming over the English ESL TV, PPLive are streaming the whole event in Chinese. We welcome all our Chinese users to start up your PPLive software to see the action live!

The stream: (working with Internet Explorer only)

wNv over mouz to win Group D
01.10.2009 09:42
Group A and D sees Chinese winners

Alike Group A, the Chinese home soil teams comes out on top of the group. In this case, wNv Teamwork CN overthrows mousesports with a quite convincing score of 16:7. Together with wNv, mousesports will advance over Team CD, that did not manage to overcome any of the two obstacles.

1st - wNv Teamwork CN (6p)
2nd - mousesports (3p)
3rd - Team CD (0p)

SC.United draws TyLoo
01.10.2009 09:36
SC.United eliminated after draw against TyLoo

In the end, nothing could separate the two Chinese powerhouses of TyLoo and SC.United, as the match ends in a draw, leaving SC.United eliminated, TyLoo as group winners and fnaticMSI on a second place.

1st - TyLoo (4p)
2nd - fnatic (3p)
3rd - SC.United (1p)

TyLoo and fnatic advance from Group A and will be seen again in tomorrows playoff!

Moon victorious in Group B
01.10.2009 08:33
Moon takes down Fly to dominate Group B

The last match from Group B has been played, featuring Moon and Fly100%, where the Night Elf player, also known as the fifth race, comes out victorious 2 against 1 to dominate Group B.

1st - Moon (6p)
2nd - Fly100% (3p)
3rd - Check (0p)

This means that Moon and Fly100% both advance to the playoff, Moon with the easier seed. Continuing today we have Group A, where TH000 and Sky already battle it out.

Tomorrow, Group C and D will be carried through.

TyLoo upset fnatic to win the match
01.10.2009 07:57
Home soil team TyLoo upset fnatic with solid performance

The latest results from the match area is in, as it is now settled that home soil team TyLoo beat season 3 world champions fnatic in a quite heated match. 16-4 on the board, the match is still played until the 30 rounds to possibly divide the teams on total score outcome.

The last match of the group is played between SC.United and TyLoo at 14:15 local time. If TyLoo come out victorious, they win the group. If SC.United upset, we have a three way tie that will be separate with match score.

Fly100% & Moon advance from Group B
01.10.2009 07:20
Fly100% & Moon advance from Group B

The first two matches for WarCraft III has been played, where both Fly100% and Moon stood victorious against Check. This means that the three man group is partly finished, meaning that both Moon and Fly will advance to the finals, while Check is eliminated.

The last match for the group is to be played right now, deciding who will get the better seed in the playoffs. When the group is finished, we will head in to more WarCraft III action from Group A, where TH000, Sky and Lyn are found.

Slight delay
01.10.2009 04:23
Slight delay, matches starting any minute

We've had some minor technical difficulties during the morning, and as you might have noticed, we have a slight delay (20-30 minutes). The first matches are schedule to begin any minute now as the players have already started the game and joined the servers. The delay will most likely be caught up.

Set to begin
01.10.2009 04:05
Set to begin Global Challenge Chengdu

We are set to begin the Global Challenge in Chengdu in just a few minutes. Players have already started to drop in, among them fnaticRC and 1157983 arrived, setting up their computers and hardware.

The ESL TV stream is starting in just a moment, so make sure to check it out to follow all the action going on here at the Global Challenge Chengdu.

First Matches
Moon vs Check
wNv Teamwork CN vs Team CD
SC.United vs fnaticMSI

Replacement for group D
30.09.2009 17:45
Local team from Chengdu joins the tournament

Team Pincho Wings from Uzbekistan will not attend the Global Challenge Chengdu starting tomorrow. One of their players didn't get his visa. Therefore he couldn't leave his country and his team isn't able to participate in the tournament. Chinese team CD fills in for Pincho and will compete for $40,000 and spot to the Global Finals.

Lineup of Team CD
Xu 'gogo' Peng
Zheng 'YZ' Yang
ChengJun 'Jun' Fang
Yi '3#' Yang
Hao 'TH' Tang
 Group D
wNv Teamwork.CN
Team CD

The Groups
30.09.2009 04:50
CS and WC3 Groups

The groups for both Counter-Strike and WarCraft III has been known previously, but in case you forgot or missed the information, here they are again:


Group A


Group B

SK Gaming
Wemade Fox

Group C

Team EG
Made in Brazil
TitaNs eSports

Group D

wNv Teamwork.CN

Warcraft 3

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


30.09.2009 04:43
First gallery images uploaded

The Global Challenge in Chengdu, China, is closer than ever (we can count the hours), and the first photos in our gallery are online! Check out the set up and the surrounding area, all during the night time of yesterday.

Check out the full gallery here. Expect many more photos the upcoming days!

Join the action in Chengdu
11.09.2009 12:47
Spectator information to follow Global Challenge Chengdu

Not sure how you can follow the games taking place in Chengdu on October 1st to 3rd? Here is some information both for the Chinese fans and the international audience.

See the action live on the venue

For the best eSports moment possible, come to the Intel eSports Stadium located at the Happy Valley Theme Park Chengdu, Jinniu District, Chengdu. Games will be played on stage in front of the audience and will give you the opportunity to meet the stars face to face as well as perhaps claiming an autograph or two.

The Arena is completely free of charge to enter. To get a glimpse of the arena, go to the gallery from our season 3 Chengdu event!

Watch live at ESL TV

For the international audience, we offer ESL TV streams live throughout the whole event. The matches start every day at 10:00 CST.

The show will go on throughout the whole day in China (night in Europe), hosted by our very own British trio James, Joe and Matt. For more show information, head over to ESL TV!

Implement the ESL TV stream on your page or blog

The ESL TV stream can be embedded to any page, free of charge. For more instructions, go here.

Gaming Area

Another highly interesting thing that goes on during the event is the gaming area where there will be showcasing of various hot and upcoming games. The list includes GH Aerosmith, UT3, Live for Speed, Ghostbusters, Resident Evil, RUSE.

Infi & TH000 last for WC3
09.09.2009 12:03
Infi & TH0000 complete Global Challenge Chengdu WC3

The Chinese Human duo InFi (World Elite) and TH000 (mousesports) are the two last additions to the WarCraft III Tournament at Global Challenge Chengdu. We now have a finalized list of twelve players; four Human, four Orcs, three Night Elves and one Undead, that will be battling it out in Chengdu, October 1st-3rd, for a total of $10,000 in cash.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil
Wemade Fox
wNv Teamwork.CN
TitaNs eSports

WarCraft III Invitees

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Zhuo "1944209" Zeng
Jang "1157983" JaeHo
Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen
Wei Liang '2055996' Lu
Xuwen '1944098' Wang
Huang '2331287' Xiang

Qualification Winners

Hyo Sub '2292876' Eom
Hyeong Ju '1484545' Lee
Kim Sung '1063428' Sik
Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker

Global Challenge Chengdu with $65,000 in total prize money

The Global Challenge Chengdu is the second offline event in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. With $65,000 at stake for Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA, October 1st to 3rd are dates to book in your calendar.

Chengdu prize money
08.09.2009 17:51
Full break down of Chengdu prize money

Here is the full breakdown of the $65,000 that is at stake for the Global Challenge in Chengdu. The Counter-Strike tournament offers prize money for all twelve teams, first team grabbing $15,000 of the $40,000, while DotA and WarCraft winners get $8,000 and $5,000 respectively.

Prize money distribution finalized

The total prize money for Global Challenge Chengdu lays as previously known at $65,000 for all three games, CS, WC3 and DotA, but here is the full break down of the prize money:

CS 1.6 ($ 40,000)
1. $ 15,000
2. $ 7,500
3. $ 5,000
4. $ 2,500
5-8. $ 1,500
9-12. $ 1,000
DotA ($ 15,000)
1. $ 8,000
2. $ 4,000
3. $ 2,000
4. $ 1,000
WC3 ($ 10,000)
1. $ 5,000
2. $ 2,500
3. $ 1,500
4. $ 1,000

wNv, TitaNs, Fly100%, Grubby participate in Chengdu
08.09.2009 15:04
wNv, TitaNs, Fly100%, Grubby participate in Chengdu

Chinese wNv and Singaporean TitaNs join the Counter-Strike invite list, while the two Orcs Grubby and Fly100% will try to bring the green skins to victory in the WarCraft III tournament. With the two additional Counter-Strike teams, we have all four teams that played in the Continental Finals Asia playoffs last season, together with TyLoo and WeMade Fox.

wNv season three Continental Final winners

Being champions of last season's Continental Finals Asia, wNv is considered to do well this time around as well. With them, together with TitaNs, the Global Challenge in Chengdu is shaping up to be the most interesting event since the Global Finals of Intel Extreme Masters season 3.

World class Orcs

With mouz.Fly100% and EG.Grubby joining the WarCraft III tournament, the competition increase vastly. Grubby, recently featured in a professional documentary, is known through the world of eSports as one of the most solid players. mouz.Fly100% is currently ranked 1st in GosuGamers world ranking possessing a track record almost flawless for the past few months.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil
Wemade Fox
wNv Teamwork.CN
TitaNs eSports

WarCraft III Invitees

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Zhuo "1944209" Zeng
Jang "1157983" JaeHo
Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen
Wei Liang '2055996' Lu

Qualification Winners

Hyo Sub '2292876' Eom
Hyeong Ju '1484545' Lee
Kim Sung '1063428' Sik
Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker

Global Challenge Chengdu with $65,000 in total prize money

The Global Challenge Chengdu is the second offline event in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. With $65,000 at stake for Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA, October 1st to 3rd are dates to book in your calendar.

Chengdu WarCraft tournament
08.09.2009 15:03
Four qualified for Chengdu WarCraft tournament

FoCuS, ReMinD, DeMusliM and Check are ready for the Global Challenge in Chengdu, taking place from October 1st to 3rd, to battle it out for the $10,000 that is at stake. All four of them managed to win all their matches in yesterdays 32-man qualification cup and therefore stand as the final four that will be coming to the offline event.

2 Night Elves, 1 Orc, 1 Human

2292876, the Orc player of "We are Go", seeded first in the tournament, managed to snatch one of the spots as expected, while the newly recruited WeMade Fox player 2107743, seeded second, fell to another Korean Night Elf, 1484545, who through that accomplishment claimed his spot.

The last South Korean that went through the qualifier is 1063428, who managed to beat country men like 2459779 and 3471126.

Last but not least, the British Human talent DeMusliM will be joining us in Chengdu after a great performance, taking down excellent players like 1481155 and 2824812.

Qualified Players

Full Bracket

Chengdu WC3 Qualifier
08.09.2009 15:02
Chengdu WC3 Qualifier Bracket released

Quite a hefty amount of players signed up to play in the international WarCraft III Qualifications for Global Challenge Chengdu, and as a result, the 32-man-bracket hold tons of big names. The brackets are released, and the matches will begin this Sunday, September 6th, 15:00 CET.

2107743, 2292876 and Happy are just a few of the names that will be attempting to get a spot for the Global Challenge Chengdu this weekend.

The qualifier hold 32 spots, where the four best players qualify to get travel support ($250 from China, $500 from Asia outside China, $750 from the rest of the world) and the opportunity to go to Chengdu to take part of the Global Challenge where $10,000 is at stake. Note, however, that players will have to pay their travel costs themselves and get the given amount of money afterwards.

The tournament is played in Single Elimination and Best-of-3, and the brackets can be found here.

mibr, WeMade Fox and Moon join up for Chengdu
08.09.2009 15:02
mibr, WeMade Fox and Moon join up for Chengdu

The three latest additions to the Global Challenge in Chengdu come in terms of Brazilian mibr, Korean superstars WeMade Fox and the fifth race, Jang "Moon" JaeHo. With Moon as an addition, we have gathered some of the best players in the world from each race.

Both mibr and WeMade Fox attended as continental representants in last season's Global Finals. WeMade Fox were just breaths away from landing in the top four, overcoming obstacles such as Crack Clan and Team EG. In the second season of Intel Extreme Masters, the Koreans finished second place at the Global Finals.

Beating top teams around the world, mibr is undoubtedly the best South American team out there. Last season, the Brazilians managed to take down teams like fnatic, SK Gaming and ex-WICKED, surely making team a team to be reckoned with.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil
Wemade Fox

WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Zhuo "1944209" Zeng
Jang "1157983" JaeHo

Global Challenge Chengdu with $65,000 in total prize money

The Global Challenge Chengdu is the second offline event in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. With $65,000 at stake for Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA, October 1st to 3rd are dates to book in your calendar.

SK, k23 & TeD latest Chengdu additions
08.09.2009 15:01
SK, k23 & TeD latest Chengdu additions

SK Gaming from Sweden, k23 from Kazakhstan and the Chinese Zhuo 'TeD' Zeng join the Global Challenge Chengdu lineup. SK Gaming is the second Swedish team invited to participate in the Counter-Strike tournament, while k23 will be one of the more exotic teams at the event - unknown to the European teams but still posing a big threat.

As the latest addition in the WarCraft III tournament comes in form of Zhuo 'TeD' Zeng, we have gathered a good diversity of races, Night Elf being the only missing one so far.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG
SK Gaming

WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Zhuo "1944209" Zeng

Global Challenge Chengdu with $65,000 in total prize money

The Global Challenge Chengdu is the second offline event in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. With $65,000 at stake for Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA, October 1st to 3rd are dates to book in your calendar.

mouz, EG & SK.Lyn invited to Chengdu
08.09.2009 15:00
mouz, EG & SK.Lyn invited to Chengdu

Mousesports from Germany and the American Team EG join the Counter-Strike participants of the Global Challenge in Chengdu, while Intel Extreme Masters season 2 champion June 'Lyn' Park is a new invitee to the Warcraft 3 tournament.

The winners of the SuperCup at gamescom, mousesports and the American powerhouse Team EG join Fnatic and TyLoo in Counter-Strike tournament. They will be fighting for the total amount of $40,000 in prize money.

In WarCraft III, the player that is known to many as one of the most stable and always good performing players, June "804587" Park, joins to fight for the $10,000 that is at stake.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG

WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park

fnatic, TyLoo, Sky to Chengdu
08.09.2009 14:58
World superstars to attend Global Challenge Chengdu

Fnatic and TyLoo are the first Counter-Strike teams announced as participants of the Global Challenge Chengdu. XiaoFeng "Sky" Li is the first confirmed participant for WC3. TyLoo are currently the best Chinese Counter-Strike team while Fnatic are the reigning Intel Extreme Masters champions.

World Elite's triple WCG medalist XiaoFeng "Sky" Li will be the most well-known Chinese representative in the Warcraft 3 tournament.

fnatic, TyLoo and Sky - more to come

Today we introduce you to the first two Counter-Strike teams as well as the first WarCraft 3 star to participate in Global Challenge Chengdu, on October 1st-3rd. $40,000 and a slot in the World Championship is at stake for the Counter-Strike teams, while the WarCraft 3 players will fight for the pot of $10,000.

The Intel Extreme Masters Season 3 Champions fnaticRC are the first confirmed participant, followed by what could be the biggest threat from the host country; TyLoo. In the upcoming days, a total of twelve teams will be invited.

As for WarCraft III, World Elite's triple WCG medalist XiaoFeng "1479288" Li takes the first slot in what will be a total of eight invited players, followed by four qualified challengers.

Counter-Strike Participants


WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li

Qualify for Chengdu WarCraft III Tournament
08.09.2009 14:57
Qualify for Chengdu WarCraft III Tournament

It is time for all the WarCraft III players out there to take their chance to play in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. Would you like to sign up and possibly go to China and play WarCraft III, travel expenses partly paid? Read on to see how it all goes down!

As previously announced, Intel Extreme Masters will hold a WarCraft III tournament during our stop in Chengdu, China, where eight professional players are to be invited along with four qualified contestants.

32 players get the chance this Sunday

The qualifier will hold 32 spots, single elimination and best-of-three, where the four best players qualify to get travel support ($250 from China, $500 from Asia outside China, $750 from the rest of the world) and go to Chengdu to take part of the Global Challenge where $10,000 is at stake. Note, however, that players will have to pay their travel costs themselves and get the given amount of money afterwards.

The tournament is set to begin at Sunday, 15:00 CET.

Send your application today!

In order to take part, fill out the following form, and send it to before Thursday night, 23:59 CET. The 32 best players will be hand picked by the Intel Extreme Masters staff. By sending in your application, you commit to take part of the Global Challenge in Chengdu taking place from October 1st to 3rd in case you qualify for top four.

CS, WC3 and DotA
08.09.2009 14:56
Global Challenge Chengdu holds CS, WC3 and DotA

More information about our Global Challenge in Chengdu has been released, as it is settled that Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA will be on the scheduled. A total of $65,000 is at stake in Chengdu, October 1st-3rd 2009, including the best teams from all around the globe participating. Find out more about how you can qualify!

Qualify directly to the World Championship of Counter-Strike!

For the Counter-Strike competition in Chengdu, a total of $40,000 will be rewarded to the best teams, but even better, the winning team will be coming to Germany for the World Championship later next year for a chance to be titled as the world champion!

A total of 12 spots will be filled with the best teams on a global scale. If you want to apply to one of these spots, please fill out this form and send it to

WarCraft III returns, take the chance!

For those of you who feared that WarCraft III would not return, great news hit the scene as it will indeed return to the 4th season of Intel Extreme Masters! With a total prize pot of $10,000, eight invited professionals will be battling it out along with another four players, qualified through an international qualifier. More information regarding the qualifiers will be announced later on.

DotA Pro/Am with four best local teams

DotA, coming up strong in the world of eSport, will have their first bit of Intel Extreme Masters action, as a local qualifier will be held in China, where the best four will be competing live at the Global Challenge Chengdu for a total of $15,000!

Stay tuned for more information!