Turmoil Gaming vs. High Rollers Gaming
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 Turmoil Gaming
 High Rollers Gaming
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MatchID 15695430
Date Friday, 13 November 04:00
Calculated Friday, 13 November 04:00
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1Major Penalty  for  Turmoil Gaming
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High Rollers Gaming

Turmoil Gaming

HRG vs Turmoil
We have been excited to play this match, HRG vs Turmoil is long over due, and we are looking forward to playing this match quick as possible, We understand Turmoil was in China when this match was supposed to be played.
Turmoil Gaming
14/10/09 20:29
Turmoil vs HRG
A lot of these guys are local friends, so that always adds an extra bit of competition to the mix. You never want to lose to the local California guys because then you never hear the end of it. That's not the only reason we want to win this match though :D We definitely need to win our group in this competition, and that means not dropping any matches. We're going to make sure that we're at the top of our game going into all of these matches and hopefully the work will pay off with a flawless record in our group. We wish these guys the best of luck though and look forward to this match.
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