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    e-STRO wins CS tournament 16.11.2008 09:02    
  Champions of Korea

Wemade Fox wins the Korean CS Qualifier for the Intel Extreme Masters Continental Finals Asia CS in Chengdu, China. Their victory over Lunatic-hai kr wasn't at risk at any time in the grand final. Nevertheless Lunatic Hai played good, especially 3626882 had some outstanding moments probably in his last game ever.

In the previous match Lunatic eliminated SEOULJINHWA in an extremely thrilling match. The CGS team already had 15 rounds and Lunatic was almost out of money when enemy killed three opponents with five shots of his deagle. This moment enourmusly pushed the team and gave them the momentum to win after two overtimes.

The Final Counter-Strike 1.6 Rankings

1st: Wemade Fox (5,000USD)
2nd: Lunatic-hai kr (3,000USD)
4th: esq.wind

    Interview with the e-STRO Manager 16.11.2008 07:41    
  Koreas best team!


    Warcraft 3 Pictures Galore 16.11.2008 06:47    
  Cassandra shocked! Grubby happy! Lyn destroyed!

Grubby! Cassandra! Lyn! Fog! Winners and Losers! Check the gallery! Now!

    Seoul Jinhwa qualifies for Chengdu 16.11.2008 06:46    
  esq.wind eliminated

SEOULJINHWA beat esq.wind in the first round of the lower bracket. Since there are only three teams left they qualify for the Continental Finals Asia CS in Chengdu, China, in January 2009. In a few minutes the CGS team will compete with Lunatic-hai kr for a spot in today's grand final next to Wemade Fox.

    Grubby wins WC3 tournament in Seoul 16.11.2008 06:03    
  Best Orc in town!

The Warcraft 3 side tournament at the Continental Final Asia WoW is finished. The winner is Grubby. He had to play Lyn already yesterday in his first match. And again he performed very well and gained the upper hand although Lyn won the first map in both matches.

The Final Warcraft 3 Rankings

1st: Grubby (5,000USD)
2nd: 804587 (2,500USD)
3rd: 1479288 (1,500USD)
4th: 1157983 (1,000USD)

    Grubby interviewed 16.11.2008 05:28    
  MYMs European Warcraft star and ESL TV


    Lunatic Hai receives Penalty Point 16.11.2008 05:26    
  1 Major Penalty and 10% prize money deduction for using 16bit mode

After the semifinal between Lunatichai and SEOULJINHWA some players of Jinwha complained that one of Lunatics players used the forbidden 16bit mode in Counter-Strike. After many talks between players, managers and admins they decided to give Lunatic Hai one Major Penalty and therefore a deduction of 10% of the prize money but no rematch, since the game ended 16:4 for Lunatic and this violation wasn't decisive. Additionally Lunatic has been warned and will be disqualified if they use 16bit one more time. Due to the long discussions the tournament is delayed.

    More profile pictures 16.11.2008 05:17    
  Full profiles!

Apart from a few teams that dropped out of tournaments early and couldn't be found anymore, we can now present you with a list of all the teams that we shot here in Seoul. New additions are:

And already posted in a previous news:


    Second Part of tournament blog 16.11.2008 03:54    
  Courteous bows, Germany number 1, FIFA Online 2 and cocoa milk with chocolate bars

It's interesting to how much focus GStar puts on the business-side of games. There is a business center, that is almost as large as the public area. In addition to that there's a congress upstairs with speakers and presentations about the future of the gaming industry, mainly the Korean one.

Slightly irritiating is the tourism trade fair in the hall right next to GStar. I guess almost everybody has entered that show accidentally, since it is hard to tell the both entrances apart. The touristic booths serve as a nice contrast, reminding you that GStar is not your regular run-of-the-mill trade show. read more about courteous bows and cocoa milk with chocolate bars

    Grubby has to face Lyn 16.11.2008 03:54    
  Warcraft 3 Grand Final

After three thrilling maps 804587 managed to beat 1479288 and advances to the Grand Final where Grubby is waiting for him. Only a few days after Grubbys great triumph the Dutch superstar has to beat another Korean Warcraft 3 hero. But this time it is champion of the Intel Extreme Masters Season II.

    Lunatic Hai|mal retires 16.11.2008 03:44    
  Last tournament for mal

As we just heard, the Korea tournament of Intel Extreme Masters III will be the last tournament in the professional career of 3628036. At the moment he is playing versus Seoul Jinhwa in the semifinals. If his team wins they will advance to the Continental Finals Asia CS in Chengdu, where they can qualify for the Intel Extreme Masters III Global Finals in Hannover, Germany.

After three years playing for Lunatic-hai kr mal decides to quit Counter-Strike. In the past years he claimed great successes with his team, for example second place at CPL Winter 2005. It's still unknown who will replace him. So the main question today is: Will he give his carreer a nice finishing touch by winning the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Seoul today and go down into history as first winner of an ESL Counter-Strike tournament on Korean soil?

    CoM|Hyoga interviewed 16.11.2008 02:29    
  The bad suprise in Seoul

The winner of the World Wide Invitational in Paris this summer SK Korea surprisingly finished 4th and won't advance to Global Finals of Intel Extreme Masters.

    New HLTV IPs for CS playoffs 16.11.2008 01:47    
  Enjoy the Korean matches

By blank TV
bcast01.blank-TV.de:51000 - bcast01.blank-TV.de:51200

By HLTV.org
hltv2.verygames.net:27115 - hltv2.verygames.net:27116

    CS playoff matches 15.11.2008 09:24    
  Competing for Continental Final Asia CS in China

All matches of group B are finished and the playoff matchups are determined. The four best Korean teams will fight for three slots at the Continental Finals Asia CS in Chengdu, China, and 10.000$.

semi finals

    More hostess pictures 15.11.2008 09:02    
  Female side of GStar

More GStar girls!

    H O N wins Continental Final Asia 15.11.2008 08:52    
  See you in Hannover, Germany!

Button Bashers wins the Intel Extreme Masters III Continental Finals Asia WoW and will represent Asia together with kill e A at the Global Finals in March 2009.

The Final WoW Rankings

1st: Button Bashers (15,000USD)
2nd: kill e A (6,000USD)
3rd: Infinity WoW (3,600USD)
4th: SK Korea (2,400USD)
5th - 6th: Arena Champion (1,500USD)
5th - 6th: S.N.U.T (1,500USD)

    CS group stage almost decided 15.11.2008 08:43    
  Lunatic Hai and esq.wind advance to playoffs

The second round in group B of the CS tournament is finished. Both Lunatic Hai and esq.wind won their second game and have now six points each. The last matches will decide which team will win the group and which has to face e-STRO in the playoffs.

    WoW Grand Final 15.11.2008 08:17    
  kill e A vs. H O N

H O N did not hesitate to eliminate RUSH in the lower bracket final. 3 to 0 was the final score. So both participants of the grand final are determined and will begin to play any minute. Congratulations to Button Bashers and kill e A! They are the first teams that got their slots for the Global Finals in March 2009. There they will be joined by 3 American teams, that will be determined next week in Philadelphia and 7 European teams from the Hamburg Finals in February 2009.

    State Visit 15.11.2008 07:22    
  South Korea's Minister for Sports and Culture pays a visit

A storm of flashlights going off, hectic commotion, a large group moving in. That's what announced South Korea's for culture, sports and tourism, Mr. In-Chon Yu, before we actually saw him. He stayed on the edge of the tournament area for a couple of minutes, while getting the low-down on the Intel Extreme Masters and watching parts of the on-going Warcraft 3 match. You can see a picture of this state visit in our constantly updated photo gallery.

    Girls Girls Girls 15.11.2008 07:07    
  Watch what GStar has to offer besides eSport and Games


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