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Celex rages after loss in final

pennY, Sunday, 19/10/08 16:47
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Ahahaha, this one was even better xDD
yeah, saw this earlier...

What is up with WoW rage? :D

Was pretty fun to see how ReD & 2GD played in on the situation.
Have they got less pricemoney and a penalty for this?

No, they were not charged a penalty because that's only reserved for action taken against other players or admins, and this was only against an inanimate object.

Although, I do believe he has to pay for the damage done to the injured laptop
opfer ^^
when did he broke the laptoP?

because after the loss when he stands up i think the laptop is alright.. so when did he brake it?
rofl idiot ^_^

awesome-kellerkind-feeling ;D
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