fnatic won against SK Gaming
fnatic won the Global Challenge!

In a very close and emotional match fnaticRC won against SK Gaming with 2:1 maps. fnaticRC came out of the Lower Bracket and showed an amazing performance. SK Gaming came back at the end of both maps, but fnaticRC won the important rounds.

1st: fnaticRC (25,000USD)
2nd: SK Gaming (10,000USD)
3rd: Made in Brazil (6,000USD)
4th: Turmoil Gaming (4,000USD)
5th - 6th: Team EG (2,500USD)
5th - 6th: Evil Genuises (2,500USD)
pennY, Monday, 20/10/08 01:48
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congratz.Goood show
peenY, you are wrong. SK got a 10% penalty.
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