SK wins after 2 BO5 matches
SK Gaming won the WoW tournament

It's over! SK Gaming WOW PvP EU won the Global Challenge in Montreal. Gravitas Gaming - WoW played really good, but finally the European team won with 3:2 and 3:2. It was an extremely emotional match between the two that errupted into a nerd rage by 3398668 after losing out again in a Grand Final!

The Final WoW Rankings

1st: SK Gaming WOW PvP EU (15,000USD)
2nd: Gravitas Gaming - WoW (6,000USD)
3rd: aAa nawaK (3,600USD)
4th: (2,400USD)
5th - 6th: Pandemic.WoW (1,500USD)
5th - 6th: compLexity (1,500USD)
pennY, Sunday, 19/10/08 13:25
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