Europe takes the lead
Already 5 of 12 Global Finals slots for Europe

The matchup for the Counter-Strike Grand Final is now known. This also means that another 2 slots for the Global Finals at CeBIT in March 2009 have been distributed. Current slots are as follows:

Asia: 2 slots
    2 base slots
Americas: 3 slots
Europe: 5 slots
Not yet distributed: 2 slots
The Continental Finals will decide who exactly will take up the slots and fight for the giant prize purse at the Global Finals at CeBIT in March 2009. Dates for the Continental Finals are:

    Americas: November 21-23, Philadelphia, USA
    Asia: Januery 16-18, Chengdu, China
    Europe: February 13-15, Hamburg, Germany
Affentod, Sunday, 19/10/08 12:18
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well - europe needs a lot of slots ^^
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