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Nihilum forfeits last match - Leipzig winner out of the tournament

The winner of Global Challenge Leipzig, Nihilum Plasma is out of the tournament. The team forfeited their last group stage match against Evil Geniuses for unknown reasons. At that point they already lost 2 matches in their group. Since the team already played more than 66% of their group stage matches, all of yesterday's results stay valid.
Affentod, Saturday, 18/10/08 10:21
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bad perfomance from nihilum
i thought they would win their group...
uff...the first favourite out of the tournament.
Hope you ban them from future tournaments/ main round.
Bad Sportsmanship I'd say.
You all say what you want when you don't know anything. Your not there. Nihilum is a outstanding team and I leave it up to them there choises. Nihilum is #1 by me. Patch 3.0 has changed alot but maybe you nb don't know that!
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