Details about tournament mode
What are you playing here?!?

We'd just like to give you a short round-up of the tournament mode here. In Counter-Strike, the top 2 teams of each group will advance to an 8 team double elimination bracket. All matches in the tournament will be played on only one map (BO1). The map is chosen by way of elimination. Both teams veto two maps out of 5, the last reamining map will be played. Map pool: de_tuscan, de_inferno, de_train, de_dust2, de_nuke.

In World of Warcraft the top team in both groups will advance directly to the 4 team double elimination playoffs. Teams placed 2 and 3 will face the respective 3rd or 2nd from the other group for a relegation match. All WoW matches will be played in BO5 mode, meaning a team has to win 3 maps to decide the match.
Affentod, Friday, 17/10/08 14:42
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Cant wait and great coverage Affentod :)
Why is the broadcasting in french? Will it be like that for wow?
its german, and thats just the Intel Friday Night Game in Germany. The WoW/CS stream from America will start directly afterwards and it's going to be in English.
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