World of WarCraft groups and matches
The World of WarCraft groups for Montreal are here
Yesterday we saw the Counter-Strike teams for Montreal go live, and today we're happy to announce the World of WarCraft teams. As you can see there will be two groups with six teams in each. The first team of each group will advance to the playoffs immediately while the second and third team will play a relegation match against the second and third team of the other group. The playoffs is a double elimination bracket of, obviously, four teams.

Genie, Wednesday, 15/10/08 09:01
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Nice to see fnatic playing in this one as well (they didn't attend LA). I have a feeling this one is going to be even more interesting than the others :-)
Kinda funny how it worked out, four teams from ESL LA in Group B and three teams from MLG Dallas in Group A, so it's unlikely we'll get to see the matchups we missed two weeks ago this weekend!
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