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    fnatic won against SK Gaming 20.10.2008 07:48    
  fnatic won the Global Challenge!

In a very close and emotional match fnaticRC won against SK Gaming with 2:1 maps. fnaticRC came out of the Lower Bracket and showed an amazing performance. SK Gaming came back at the end of both maps, but fnaticRC won the important rounds.

1st: fnaticRC (25,000USD)
2nd: SK Gaming (10,000USD)
3rd: Made in Brazil (6,000USD)
4th: Turmoil Gaming (4,000USD)
5th - 6th: Team EG (2,500USD)
5th - 6th: Evil Genuises (2,500USD)

    New pictures online 19.10.2008 23:22    
  The winners of the Global Challenge Montreal

See all winners in new photo batch

    The Nerd Rage Video 19.10.2008 22:47    
  Celex rages after loss in final


    New pictures from Sunday 19.10.2008 22:24    
  Pictures of the Grand Final

fnatic vs. SK Gaming

    Pictures from SK vs. Grativas 19.10.2008 20:46    
  The Nerd raged

Can you see the flying mouse?

    SK wins after 2 BO5 matches 19.10.2008 20:25    
  SK Gaming won the WoW tournament

It's over! SK Gaming WOW PvP EU won the Global Challenge in Montreal. Gravitas Gaming - WoW played really good, but finally the European team won with 3:2 and 3:2. It was an extremely emotional match between the two that errupted into a nerd rage by 3398668 after losing out again in a Grand Final!

The Final WoW Rankings

1st: SK Gaming WOW PvP EU (15,000USD)
2nd: Gravitas Gaming - WoW (6,000USD)
3rd: aAa nawaK (3,600USD)
4th: x6tence.wow (2,400USD)
5th - 6th: Pandemic.WoW (1,500USD)
5th - 6th: compLexity (1,500USD)

    Nerd Rage Part 2 19.10.2008 20:20    
  The Return of the Nerd Rage

It happened again. The nerds raged. 3398668 destroyed his laptop and part of the backdrop of the player's area after losing closely to SK Gaming WOW PvP EU. Of course, pictures and video will follow soon. So stay tuned to this channel for the second part in this epic saga of fail.

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 19.10.2008 18:19    
  fnatic beats MiBR, advances to Grand Final

Is it the comeback of fnaticRC? Yesterday the swedish team lost against Team EG, but today fnaticRC dominates Made in Brazil on de_inferno and advances to the Grand Final. They will face SK Gaming, the winner of the Global Challenge Los Angeles.

Grand Final:

    Europe takes the lead 19.10.2008 18:18    
  Already 5 of 12 Global Finals slots for Europe

The matchup for the Counter-Strike Grand Final is now known. This also means that another 2 slots for the Global Finals at CeBIT in March 2009 have been distributed. Current slots are as follows:

Asia: 2 slots
    2 base slots
Americas: 3 slots
Europe: 5 slots
Not yet distributed: 2 slots
The Continental Finals will decide who exactly will take up the slots and fight for the giant prize purse at the Global Finals at CeBIT in March 2009. Dates for the Continental Finals are:

    Americas: November 21-23, Philadelphia, USA
    Asia: Januery 16-18, Chengdu, China
    Europe: February 13-15, Hamburg, Germany

    New pictures from Saturday 19.10.2008 17:37    
  mibr, fnatic, EG, loads of booth babes in Saturday gallery

Booth babes and tournament action

    fnatic vs. MiBR 19.10.2008 17:35    
  Time for revenge

Yesterday fnaticRC took revenge on Team EG. Today the swedish team has the opportunity to take revenge on Made in Brazil for the bash on de_train. The winner of the match advance to the Grand Final, the loser is out of the tournament.

    SK Gaming beat MiBR 19.10.2008 17:21    
  SK Gaming advances to Grand Final

In a very close and emotional match, SK Gaming won against Made in Brazil 16:11 on de_train and advance to the Grand Final. Made in Brazil will face fnatic or Turmoil Gaming in the Consolation Final. SK Gaming did a service to their fellow Europeans for the second time. On the European Continental Finals in February, Europe now has 4 slots for Counter-Strike teams to qualify for the Global Finals.

    New ESL TV video 19.10.2008 16:56    
  Lookout to final day


    mibr changes things for final day 19.10.2008 16:53    
  cogu and bit1 switch in mibr lineup

For yet unknown reasons, two of the players from Made in Brazil switched positions today. Up until now throughout LA and Montreal 3512989 was always sitting in the middle. Today, he traded his position with bit1. In their currently running match versus SK Gaming, they certainly seem to be highly motivated. The whole stadium reverberates with the echoes from mibr's loud screams.

    WoW Playoffs 19.10.2008 16:29    
  WoW Overall Final: SK Gaming vs. Gravitas Gaming

After a great performance against x6tence.wow and Gravitas Gaming - WoW the second placed team of the Global Challenge Leipzig, SK Gaming WOW PvP EU, will face Gravitas Gaming - WoW in the overall final again. Who will win the 15,000USD prize money for the first place?

    Awesome skill video 19.10.2008 16:04    
  n0thing - Master of the Wallbang

Check out this video from our ESL TV crew. It shows a scene that 2763071 pulled of yesterday. He makes these kinds of frags look soooo easy!

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 19.10.2008 03:58    
  fnatic is back

fnaticRC takes revenge on Team EG for the bash during the Global Challenge Los Angeles: The swedish team owned Team EG 16:01 on de_nuke. Furthermore Turmoil Gaming lost against SK Gaming and have to play in the lower bracket versus Evil Genuises.

    Free ESL TV Premium 19.10.2008 03:27    
  The winner of our ESL TV premium raffle on day two are....


We wish you a lot of fun with our ESL TV Premium account and following the hottest action at the Intel Extreme Masters in high quality.

    More photos in the gallery 19.10.2008 03:20    
  Pictures from EG/Gravitas incident and aftermath

Remember the keyboard unplugging incident earlier today? We now got all the photos of the discussion and the ensuing loss of EG to Gravitas in our mightily filled Global Challenge photo gallery!

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 19.10.2008 02:49    
  MiBR owned fnatic

At the Global Challenge Los Angeles fnaticRC lost against Team EG in the first round of the playoffs and against sdasdasdasd in the lower bracket. Nothing seems to have changed. In an one-sided match Made in Brazil owned the swedish team 16:03 on de_train. The next match will be fnatic vs. Team EG. Will they beat Team EG now?

    Global Finals Slot Distribution complete 19.10.2008 02:35    
  Europe gains 7 of 12 slots in Global Finals!

With the grand final participants known, also the final distribution of the 12 slots in the Global Finals is all done as this is the last Global Challenge of the season. Slots are as follows:

Asia: 2 slots
    2 base slots
Americas: 3 slots
Europe: 7 slots
The Continental Finals will decide who exactly will take up the slots and fight for the giant prize purse at the Global Finals at CeBIT in March 2009. Dates for the Continental Finals are:

    Asia: November 13-16, Seoul, South Korea
    Americas: November 21-23, Philadelphia, USA
    Europe: February 13-15, Hamburg, Germany

    New photos online 19.10.2008 02:14    
  SK Gaming, Gravitas, yellow 3D glasses, more in new photo batch


    Counter-Strike Playoffs 19.10.2008 01:26    
  MiBR vs. fnatic

There is no surprise in the playoffs. Team EG beat their Canadian brothers in the lower bracket and North Stars United lost against Evil Genuises. The next top matches will be fnaticRC vs. Made in Brazil and SK Gaming vs. Turmoil Gaming at 01:30 CEST.

    Interview with hafu 19.10.2008 01:20    
  Professional and female WoW gamer in the interview


    Penalty Point for SK Gaming 19.10.2008 00:52    
  SK forgets in-eye demos again, gets punished

As SK-Gaming is correctly reporting, their CS team has received a minor penalty point for their first group stage match. The reason is two players not recording in-eye demos which is required on all ESL offline-events, just as it is required in all online competitions. SK already received several warnings about this at the Global Challenge in Los Angeles. Penalty Points were inevitable this time. A minor penalty point at a Global Challenge leads to a deduction of 3% of the prize money. The sum is spread out across all teams. This penalty point has no effect on the European Main Round or any other Intel Extreme Masters event.

    Equipment of Team EG.us 19.10.2008 00:45    
  nothing uses Razer Deathadder!

You always wanted to know which mouse and keyboard the legendary Jordan '2763071' Gilbert uses? Check the equipment of Team EG.

2763071: Razer Deathadder (mouse); Razer Tarantula (keyboard); Razer Destructor (mousepad)
2778692: Razer Deathadder (mouse); Razer Lycosa (keyboard); Razer Mantis (mousepad)
3361115: Razer Deathadder (mouse); Razer Lycosa (keyboard); Razer Goliathus (mousepad)
2768889: Razer Deathadder (mouse); Razer Lycosa (keyboard); Razer Goliathus (mousepad)
2768792: Razer Krait (mouse); Dell standard (keyboard); Razer Goliathus (mousepad)

    ESL TV video on demand 19.10.2008 00:44    
  Interview with zibbit from Roccat


    More international coverage 19.10.2008 00:41    
  More video and text interviews
GotFrag and SK-Gaming did some more interviews. I advise checking them out between games:


    ESL TV interview 19.10.2008 00:30    
  EG's Azael interviewed


    3D-glasses on evil geniuses 19.10.2008 00:00    
  Phys1kz and Lalonde of the evilGeniuses use yellow 3-D glasses

Maybe you already wondered why you can see yellow glasses on phys1kz and Lalonde while they play. "Well", these yellow glasses "make thinks pop out a little", Lalonde reports. "The yellow in these glasses can take out the blue on my screen while I play Counter-Strike" he says. He ordered these glasses on gunnaroptiks.com. Lalonde recommends these glasses, because they reduce muscle strain while he is playing Counter-Strike. The glasses are especially made to protect the eyes of people that work many hours in front of a computer.


    Pictures from EG vs. Gravitas 18.10.2008 22:50    
  fnatic asleep - Gravitas before their EG match!

See Gravitas, fnatic and like a bazillion photos of hafu!

    Team EG.us lost the first match in the playoffs 18.10.2008 22:43    
  Team EG.us was beaten by Gravitas

What's up with the favourite Team EG? They lost their first match in the playoffs against Turmoil Gaming 14:16 on de_dust2 altough the servercrash rule applied and they had no disadvantage from their misfortune with the keyboard. Their next match will be versus the Canadian Team EG. I think EG will come out on top of that one. HAHA.

    EG/Gravitas 18.10.2008 22:17    
  Servercrash rule applied

The issue has been decided. Admins ruled to apply the server crash rule that says that gaming will be continued with the score before the affected round with 5000 start money for both sides. Gravitas was very unhappy with the ruling and argued they would have won the round either way.

    More about EG/Gravitas 18.10.2008 22:12    
  Ruling imminent

It was hostile's keyboard that was unplugged for 6 seconds just at the beginning of a middle push. Both sides have now been heard, and admins are discussing a ruling.

    Counter-Strike Accident 18.10.2008 22:05    
  Incident in EG vs Gravitas match

In the WB1 match between EG and Gravitas there just has been an incident. The keyboard of one of the EG players was accidentally unplugged at the beginning of a round by a player who was setting up on the opposite row. EG lost the round. Admins are now discussing how to decide.

    Interview with venruki 18.10.2008 21:44    
  Canadian WoW player venruki on the mic

Here's another interview for you. This time it's 2872107 from compLexity.

    Nihilum about dropping out of the tournament 18.10.2008 21:31    
  Nihlium speaks out

There's an interview up on SK-Gaming with 3420650 from Nihilum Plasma where they talk about their reasons for forfeiting their last match, their bad performance in Montreal and what the future holds in stock for their team.

    World of Warcraft groups 18.10.2008 21:25    
  Another upset in WoW tourney - fnatic is out

After an extremely tense final in Group A, fnaticMSI.WoW is out of the tournament. It came down to the last map in the game between Gravitas Gaming - WoW and x6tence.wow to decide who would advance to the relegation matches and keep his chances for the playoffs.

And it did not go well for fnatic. Gravitas won, fnaticMSI.WoW is out. The third placed team from Leipzig follows the fate of Nihilum Plasma who had been eliminated earlier.

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 18.10.2008 21:18    
  See the Counter-Strike Playoff brackets

Our CS admins just drew the matches for the playoff brackets in Counter-Strike. Check it out!

    ESL TV video on demand 18.10.2008 21:13    
  Croatian top WoW player interviewed

Our ESL TV crew conducted an interview with 3445330 from SK Gaming WOW PvP EU. Take a look!

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 18.10.2008 20:50    
  CS Group Stage finished
Group stage in Counter-Strike is over. Beside SK Gaming, Made in Brazil, fnaticRC and Team EG also Turmoil Gaming and the Canadian teams North Stars United, Evil Genuises and EG.ca qualified for the playoffs.

The CS teams begin with the playoffs at 21:30 CEST:

    WoW Group A 18.10.2008 20:34    
  Team Roccat is out
Team ROCCAT is out of the tournament. After four games the team has four losses, placing 7th/8th and not getting any prize money. The other 4 teams are still in the tournament.

    eSports in pictures 18.10.2008 19:26    
  First pictures of Day 2 of Intel Extreme Masters in Canada

First pictures of SK Gaming here

Since we recovered the backlog, we'll start uploading today's pictures. Here's the first batch that has many shots of our admins and a lot of SK playing their first match here in Canada.

    WoW Group B finished 18.10.2008 18:31    
  SK Gaming advance to playoffs
Group B in the WoW tournament is finished. SK Gaming WOW PvP EU advance to playoffs. Pandemic.WoW and compLexity have to play one relegation match against a team from the opposite group to determine the last 2 playoff teams.

Group A


    Nice overview video from fragbite 18.10.2008 18:15    
  See the tournament area and more of the SCP show

Our colleagues over at fragbite shot a very nice video that gives you an overview of the tournament area, the Olympic Stadium and the surroundings in which the Intel Extreme Masters take place. Comes highly recommended.

    More content from external sites 18.10.2008 18:01    
  EG interviews itself

EG conducted two interviews on their website, one with Alex Garfield and one with EG.ca. Check it out.

    Settings from SK Gaming 18.10.2008 17:39    
  walle is the only one who uses medium crosshair!
Check the settings from SK Gaming.

629444 - Resolution: 640 x 480; Crosshair size: large (green)
1767953 - Resolution: 640 x 480; Crosshair size: medium (green)
1954674 - Resolution: 640 x 480; Crosshair size: large (green)
1998075 - Resolution: 640 x 480; Crosshair size: large (green)
851796 - Resolution: 640 x 480; Crosshair size: large (green)

Stay tuned for more settings from the top teams.

    More pictures from Day 1 18.10.2008 17:33    
  Wrapping Day 1 in photos

Raffles, babes and Brazilians

Check out how ESL TV's Uli "FlyingDJ" Schulze goes on the main stage and conducts a mighty raffle German style. Also more pictures from the WoW tournament and Made in Brazil playing.

    ESL TV teaser video - eSports preview 18.10.2008 17:27    
  What's happening in day 2?

ESL TV got the scoop again! Sort of. Here's a short teaser video for day 2 showing you what'll happen in terms of eSports on this beautiful autumn day in the Olympic Stadium.

    International Coverage continues 18.10.2008 16:49    
  More interviews and analyses

International journalists don't seem to sleep, so we have quite a nice array of content surrounding the Intel Extreme Masters in Canada.


    WoW happenings 18.10.2008 16:21    
  Nihilum forfeits last match - Leipzig winner out of the tournament

The winner of Global Challenge Leipzig, Nihilum Plasma is out of the tournament. The team forfeited their last group stage match against Evil Geniuses for unknown reasons. At that point they already lost 2 matches in their group. Since the team already played more than 66% of their group stage matches, all of yesterday's results stay valid.

    Second Day commences 18.10.2008 16:06    
  Second day in Montreal kicks off with delayed EG matches

We're off again in the beautiful and cold city of Montreal with the second day of the Global Challenge here. The first eSports serving today: The matches of Evil Geniuses versus SK Gaming WOW PvP EU and compLexity. We switched the SK Gaming and GotGame matches due to minor delay of GotGame arriving in the venue. Now they are here and setting up, so the second match should start on time.

    SK|Walle: Our biggest opponent will be MiBR 18.10.2008 16:01    
  walle from SK about Global Challenge Montreal

A few hours before the second tournament day in Montreal starts SK published an interview with their very own 1767953. They smoothly arrived Canada and will start playing their group matches soon.

Read the entire interview here.

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 18.10.2008 04:25    
  CS 1.6 Group A and B finished
  Group A 
 1st Team EG
2nd North Stars United
3rd CheckSix
  Group B 
 1st Made in Brazil
2nd EG.ca
3rd Dynamo

1st & 2nd from each group advance to playoffs

    Free ESL TV Premium 18.10.2008 04:19    
  The winners of Day 1 are ...


Those happy four players are now able to follow the Premium High Quality Stream of ESL TV for the next three months including Events like Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Montreal & Dubai.

Tomorrow we will give away another three ESL TV Premium Accounts, so don't forget to write your tips below the unplayed groupstage matches in Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft.

    Intel Extreme Masters Montreal photos 18.10.2008 04:06    
  Girls and eSports action

Latest photos from WoW tournament and booth babes!

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 18.10.2008 04:05    
  MiBR and Team EG.ca advanced to playoffs
There is no surprise in Group B. Made in Brazil owned the Canadian teams and advanced to the playoffs. EG.ca is also qualified because they won against Dynamo. The last match for the day is Team EG.us versus North Stars United .

    New ESL TV Interview 18.10.2008 02:49    
  zyz from Evil Geniuses bares it all

Our ESL TV crew conducted an interview with 2867609 from Evil Geniuses (WoW). Check it out! You can now also see the first matches on our YouTube stream.

    Settings from MiBR 18.10.2008 02:47    
  cogu uses medium crosshair!
You want to know which resolution and crosshair size 3512989 or 3512991 use? Check the settings from Made in Brazil! And let us know if you want to have more of these.

bit1 - Resolution: 800 x 600; Crosshair size: small (green)
3040475 - Resolution: 800 x 600; Crosshair size: small (green)
3512989 - Resolution: 800 x 600; Crosshair size: middle (lightblue)
3026443 - Resolution: 800 x 600; Crosshair size: small (green)
3512991 - Resolution: 800 x 600; Crosshair size: small (green)

    More Photos! 18.10.2008 02:14    
  First pictures from the World of Warcraft tournament... and more!

Player pictures, female promoters and impressions of the greatest Canadian eSports event

Our very own star photographer 711308 snapped away and captured lots of pictures of EG.ca in action as well as portraits of aAa nawaK and lots of impressions from the tournament area and surrounding booths.

    EG USA on time 18.10.2008 01:18    
  They did it. EG USA arrived on time

Incredible. Team EG just arrived at the tournament area with their full lineup although they are scheduled to play at around 9 pm local time. That made 2778692 kind of angry, because he has to wait now. He went on to say that he'll only show up at noon earliest tomorrow, since he was told to be there at 11.30am and he expects more delays. 2763071 just stood by and was obviously embarassed by his teammate. Seems like at least one of the players learnt from the debacle in Los Angeles where Team EG lost 12% of their prize money for being late on two days in a row.

    World of Warcraft 3.0 18.10.2008 00:40    
  Will there be a revolution in World of Warcraft?

We've asked some of the players what they think of the new 3.0 patch and how it will impact the upcoming tournament.

    Lineups for Montreal 18.10.2008 00:36    
  The lineups of all WoW teams
Group A

aAa nawaK: Anelit (Priest), Hiss (Rogue), Pheonix (Mage)
fnaticMSI.WoW: Hafu (Druid), Rhaegyn (Warrior), Glick (Warlock)
x6tence.wow: Souler (Druid), Siler (Warrior), Falcon (Priest)
Gravitas Gaming - WoW: Celex (Mage), Emo (Rogue), Eli (Priest)
Team ROCCAT: Zibbit (Druid), Henkel (Paladin), Mcfruity (Warrior)

Group B

Evil Geniuses: Azael (Warrior), zyz (Rogue), Greenranger (Druid)
Nihilum Plasma: Paperkat (Warrior), Inflame (Warlock), Carekoala (Druid)
compLexity: Sodah (Druid), Venruki (Mage), Happyminti (Rogue)
Pandemic.WoW: Kintt (Priest), Caal (Druid), Ohnoes (Rogue)
SK Gaming WOW PvP EU: Another (Mage), Orly (Priest), Xom (Rogue)

    Delay in mibr match 18.10.2008 00:31    
  Brazilians forgot their badges

The Brazilian team Made in Brazil has to delay its setup for the first match. All 5 players set their clocks to a wrong time zone, arrived late at the venue and only then noticed that they had forgotten their badges needed to enter the stadium. Their setup phase for the match against Dynamo will start as soon as they come back from the hotel. HLTV IPs will be posted shortly.

    Want HLTV? Here you go! 18.10.2008 00:29    
  Follow the action live from the comfort of your own Counter-Strike

If for some reason you're not able to watch our superb ESL TV stream then it is of course possible to watch the matches live with HLTV.

By HLTV.org

By blank-TV.de

By GotFrag

By NiceZ

    New photos from Canada 18.10.2008 00:02    
  First pictures of the tournament area

Inside Montreal's Olympic Stadium

Now you can finally see inside the venue, that hosts the Sport Compact Performance and the Intel Extreme Masters.

    ESL TV stream to start later 17.10.2008 23:24    
  What language is this?!?

For all who are wondering what's playing on the stream at the moment: It's the Intel Friday Night Game in Stuttgart, part of the German ESL Pro Series. That's why it's covered in German. We only have one channel running at the moment. So immediately after the top match between Alternate aTTaX and n!faculty in Counter-Strike 1.6 we'll switch to our main station in Cologne and start broadcasting the first World of Warcraft matches in English.

    Changes to the timetable 17.10.2008 23:17    
  Team EG (WoW) late, Major Timetable changes for today

The World of Warcraft team Evil Geniuses will not be able to play today. An hour ago we learned that their player greenranger has changed his flight to Montreal on his own accord, due to confusions with the timetable. He will arrive later today after the show has ended. All other teams from Group B agreed to postpone their EG matches until tomorrow morning.

The penalty for this action will be determined and announced later on.

    Details about tournament mode 17.10.2008 20:42    
  What are you playing here?!?

We'd just like to give you a short round-up of the tournament mode here. In Counter-Strike, the top 2 teams of each group will advance to an 8 team double elimination bracket. All matches in the tournament will be played on only one map (BO1). The map is chosen by way of elimination. Both teams veto two maps out of 5, the last reamining map will be played. Map pool: de_tuscan, de_inferno, de_train, de_dust2, de_nuke.

In World of Warcraft the top team in both groups will advance directly to the 4 team double elimination playoffs. Teams placed 2 and 3 will face the respective 3rd or 2nd from the other group for a relegation match. All WoW matches will be played in BO5 mode, meaning a team has to win 3 maps to decide the match.

    First ESL TV video from Montreal 17.10.2008 20:30    
  Check that out! Teaser video from Montreal

Our ESL TV guys are already busy bringing you moving images from this weekend's event. You'll find plenty of interviews and impressions on their YouTube channel throughout the weekend. We'll also upload VoDs of the top World of Warcraft matches there!


    Counter-Strike Team Lineup Decimated 17.10.2008 19:58    
  Check Six and team j1n not attending

Yesterday, we learned that DynastyGaming will not be attending the Global Challenge Montreal. Two players recently left the team without informing the other players. Must have been quite a surprise for the others yesterday.

On the other hand we were kind of surprised a couple of minutes ago, when CheckSix notified us, that they cannot afford their flights to Montreal. So CheckSix will not attend the Intel Extreme Masters as well.

There will be no changes to the groups. All match by both teams will be forfeited 30:0, making the remaining match in Group A and D a decider match for playoff seedings. Turmoil Gaming, fnaticRC, Team EG and North Stars United are now already qualified for the playoffs.

It's not yet clear what these two teams' problems will mean for the American Main Round. Don't expect anything definitive on this issue until next week.

    International Coverage starting 17.10.2008 19:20    
  Predictions and fnatic roadtrip photos

The international coverage of the Global Challenge starts to kick into high gear. Here you go with some predictions on Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft group stages and a nice photo story of fnaticRC going to Vegas together with Fatal1ty.


    Canadians: Come & Watch 17.10.2008 18:55    
  Come to Montreal and watch the event live!

Canadians beware. The Intel Extreme Masters in Montreal are open to the public! During the full length of the motorsport show Sport Compact Performance you can watch the games live. We have put up bleachers on both sides of the tournament area, where you can see Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft. Entrance fee to the show is $17. The Intel Extreme Masters booth is located in the middle of the Olympic stadium.

    First pictures from Montreal 17.10.2008 18:33    
  eSports goes Olympic

See Montreal's Olympic Stadium - This weekend's venue

We have for you the first pictures from the Montreal venue. This Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge is happening at the stadium of the 1976 Olympic Games in Monreal. Sounds like a perfect venue for eSports, doesn't it?

    Setup finishing 17.10.2008 17:57    
  Last work put onto tournament area

Everything seems set for an on-time start at 5.30 pm local time today. Our admins are currently doing last tests to our Dell and Alienware high-end tournament equipment and prepping the admin stations. Shortly we'll have the first batch of live photos from Montreal for you.

    Who's gonna win the Groupstage Matches? 16.10.2008 22:57    
  Win ESL TV Premium Accounts
Only one more night until the first groupstage matches kick off in Montreal and we want to give you the opportunity to win some ESL TV Premium Account (3 months) so you can watch the high quality stream.

All you have to do is to write a match comment to each groupmatch with the team you think will win. After each event day the three users with the most right results get an ESL TV Premium Account.

Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft matches are counted. Good Luck!

    Montreal WoW minus two teams 16.10.2008 12:49    
  Montreal WoW participants reduced by two
With an unfortunate turn of events, The Got Game West had to cancel the participation in this event, as the team decided to split up for unknown reasons. This makes the group evened out on five participants each!


    x3o playing for Gravitas Gaming 16.10.2008 10:58    
  Going to Montreal for a new organisation
Just a couple of days before the event in Montreal starts the Counter-Strike team of Turmoil Gaming found a new home. Just after a quite good performance in Los Angeles by reaching the play offs Gravitas Gaming signed one of the most talented American teams. They will play their first matches for Gravitas at the Global Challenge in Montreal.

    Some facts about Montreal 15.10.2008 17:07    
  Montreal, a piece of France in North America
Canada's second biggest city after Toronto will be the location for an Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge. More than 1.5 million people live in Montreal, and including the surrounding area it is easily the double amount. The name of the city originates from the hill in the city center, the "Mont Royal", which also indicates the French roots the city has. Its also the world's second largest French-speaking city after Paris. Besides that, Montreal was ranked the 10th clearest city in the world by Forbes Magazine.


    World of WarCraft groups and matches 15.10.2008 15:01    
  The World of WarCraft groups for Montreal are here
Yesterday we saw the Counter-Strike teams for Montreal go live, and today we're happy to announce the World of WarCraft teams. As you can see there will be two groups with six teams in each. The first team of each group will advance to the playoffs immediately while the second and third team will play a relegation match against the second and third team of the other group. The playoffs is a double elimination bracket of, obviously, four teams.


    Counter-Strike groups here! 14.10.2008 17:59    
  The Counter-Strike 1.6 groups for Montreal
The guys over at League Operations have now announced the Counter-Strike 1.6 groups for Montreal. Notice that the first and second placed team of each group will advance to the playoffs, which obviously holds eight teams. Have a look at the groups:

  Group B 
  Made in Brazil

    WoW attendants list expanded 10.10.2008 14:31    
  World of WarCraft attendants list expanding, updated
This World of WarCraft participants list expands, as nine teams join up. Old and new faces, Nihilum and x6tence, grand final teams from Los Angeles, join up together with Gravitas Gaming and Team ROCCAT. Have a look:

Newly added teams:
Nihilum Plasma
Evil Geniuses
Gravitas Gaming - WoW

Formerly announced teams:
MoB Gaming
aAa nawaK
SK Gaming WOW PvP EU

Problems have shown up for various teams, therefor we exclude them from this list for now, just to give you an idea of what is 100% confirmed

    Counter-Strike attendants list changes 10.10.2008 13:36    
  Counter-Strike attendants list changes, one team out, three in
It is unfortunately unavoidable to announce that oXmoze will be dropping out from this tournament just like with the Los Angeles one. In better news, three fresh American teams will be joining us to fight for the $50,000 that's available in the Counter-Strike tournament.

Newly added teams:

Earlier announced:
Team EG
Evil Genuises
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil

    Predictorama 09.10.2008 17:23    
  Predict the winners!
This news is dedicated to your thoughts and predictions! What do you think, which team will win the tournaments?

Will it be SK Gaming and Made in Brazil in the grand final again? Will SK's momentum bring them another title? How will fnaticRC perform, have they redeemed themselves enough? How will the prodigies in Team EG do -- will they perform even better, now that they have some experience?

World of WarCraft!
Will Los Angeles runner ups Nihilum Plasma take it this time, or will the champions x6tence.wow claim one more title? Or will H2k-Gaming WoW stand in the way for the friend in Nihilum (if you did not know, Nihilum is a part of Mousesports)? Does fnaticMSI.WoW have any tricks up their sleeve?

Show your gaming knowledge!

    Current participants, both WoW and CS 09.10.2008 15:37    
  Montreal participants gathering up
We are halfway through the attendee list for the Global Challenge in Montreal. Eight CS 1.6 teams and 7 WoW teams are already announced. Have a look at the great lineup so far:

Counter-Strike 1.6:
Team EG
Evil Genuises
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil
World of WarCraft:
MoB Gaming
aAa nawaK
SK Gaming WOW PvP EU
H2k-Gaming WoW

    Flashback to Los Angeles 09.10.2008 15:36    
  Flashback to the Global Challenge in Los Angeles
Just a few days ago, the Global Challenge in Los Angeles took its end. The event was a success, so make sure you do not completely miss out on everything that happened there. (Link).

All the upsets, all the close matches and all the other things that attracted attention. Talking about other stuff that happened, let's say you should not miss the "nerd rage" video that was filmed during the event, where a World of WarCraft did not really like what his team mates were doing. For the record, this movie has been on the Global Youtube top of the week for all the comments and all the views it got.

Just to once again make sure you did not miss it, I'll be posting it again! Enjoy! (smiles)


   General Information  
Counter-Strike 1.6

World of WarCraft

Dates: October 17th-19th
Format: Groups/playoff
Venue: Olympic Stadium
Location: Montreal, Canada
Advance from: Wild card
Prizemoney: $80,000

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st Place: $25,000
2nd Place: $10,000
      SK Gaming
3rd Place: $6,000
      Made in Brazil
4th Place: $4,000
      Gravitas Gaming
5-6th Place: $2,500
      Team EG.us
5-6th Place: $2,500

World of WarCraft
1st Place: $15,000
      SK Gaming
2nd Place: $6,000
      Gravitas Gaming
3rd Place: $3,600
      against All authority
4th Place: $2,400
5-6th Place: $1,500
      Pandemic Blue
5-6th Place: $1,500
      GotGame East




   Venue information  

Sport Compact Performance
Montreal Olympic Stadium
Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue
Montréal, Québec