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What do you want to see?

We have a lot of in-eye demos available, but we cannot upload everything from the event due to limited upload capacities. So for deciding what to upload, we'd like to include YOU in the process. Head to the comments section of this news and tell us, what in-eye demos you'd like to see. We had some issues with the group stage naming of the demos, so playoff matches would be preferred. Just tell us the match and player you'd like to see.

Update 1: First n0thing demo online here.
Update 2: cogu, plastE, neo demos here.
Update 3: Another cogu demo here.
Update 4: cogu, fnx, PaTyoJoN and walle demos here.
Affentod, Saturday, 04/10/08 14:45
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n0thing vs fantic ofcourse ^^
If this includes World of Warcraft Affentod? Then Nihilum and x6tence.AMD ones!

If just CS? Then mym and EG.
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nothing vs fnatic :)))))
CS of course! Please also give the player names, we can't upload all demos from a match.
plastE vs PoV on nuke
n0thing vs fnatic on train
neo[t] vs. roccat [DE_NUKE]
SK|allen vs x3o on nuke
mibr|btt vs MoB on dust2
nothing vs. fnatic
nothing vs. fnatic ^^
Can't you upload the rest of the demos, if your back in germany respectively on readmore. :)
nothing vs fnatic
Ofcourse nothing against fnatic, NEO against MoB on Nuke too please.:)
We will upload all available in-eye demos next week but we know you guys want some right now. ;)
plastE vs. MTW (de_train ct)
hostilE vs. SK (de_train ct)
walle vs. EG (de_train ct)
Walle vs X3O
cogu vs MYM
"if", excause me :)
nothing vs fnatic
neo[t] vs. roccat [DE_NUKE]
nothing vs fnatic
cogu vs MYM
nothing vs fnatic

pls :D
Thx Affentod
nothing vs fnatic
cogu vs mym
cogu vs. mym
patyojon vs fnatic de_train
cogu vs PoV inferno CT
fnx povs plz ^_^
impulsive vs Frag Dominant @ de_train
contE vs vio @ de_dust2
Kumeni why we should upload them on readmore? We'll upload them all on the ESL site as soon as we are back in germany.
mibr|cogu vs SK on dust2
mibr poVs ;s
plaste vs POV @ de_nuke
mibr | cogu vs. SK on de_dust2
More demos available:

But keep on posting requests, we'll read them and try to make your wishes come true ;)
cogu vs. sk
x3o|impulsive vs FD on train
x3o|PaTyoJoN vs fnatic on train
mibr | cogu vs PoV de_inferno CT =)
I hope all povs will be uploaded after the event?!?
PoV|NineSpot vs on dust2
Roccat/GP|contE vs vio on dust2
Guardians|aZn vs FD on dust2
Guardians|m4gic vs FD on dust2
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aZn vs FD up it! =)
mibr|bit1 vs SK (dust2)
tentpole and allen vs mym de_train Lower-Bracket - Finale
neo vs. pov dust2 ct+t
tentpole and allen vs mym plzzz :D
Zet and Walle vs MiBr on train
tentpole, allen, walle vs MiBr on Inferno
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