Counter-Strike Playoffs
Starting the day with delay

Due to some issues with the punctuality, we'll start off with delay again. The whole Team EG is missing though their match against fnaticRC is supposed to start in 5 minutes. Also, sdasdasdasd is not yet complete. So, the only matches starting on time are x3o vs. SK (live on ESL TV) and mibr against PoV.
Affentod, Saturday, 04/10/08 13:27
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BO1? or BO3?

In ESL tv they said that is still BO1 but rules say that playoffs will be BO3 can you confirm
It will be BO1. What rule book says BO3? We also had a news clarifying this:

"Playoffs will be played in double elimination mode, best of three."
wtf, was I drunk when I wrote that? it's definitely BO1, otherwise we'll never finish.
Ok thx, I wonderd before like you see in the comments ;)
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