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World of Warcraft Group Stage and Counter-Strike Playoffs
On the second day of the Global Challenge Los Angeles finally World of Warcraft start off with the groupstage.

The CS teams already begin with the playoffs at 13:30 EST:
otacon, Saturday, 04/10/08 05:40
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I think, that fnatic, MYM, SK and mibr will win their matches.
Cant wait for the WoW to start, go Nihilum.
fnatic > EG
MYM > Gameplay
SK > x3o
mibr > PoV
fnatic > EG
MYM < Gameplay
SK > x3o
PoV < mibr

Come on, WoW is not a game, it's an epidemic :=D

Plz make extra post for World of Walking to prevent flamming (like mine ;))
Come on fnatic :)
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