World of WarCraft Groups
World of WarCraft groups settled!

We finally got our hands over the settled World of WarCraft groups for Los Angeles starting in two days. It looks really promising:

Just like for Counter-Strike, let's test your World of WarCraft knowledge! Which teams do you think will advance to the playoffs?
Genie, Wednesday, 01/10/08 13:12
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Nihilum of course ;)
I'm really curious how Pandemic will perform. They can do better than in Leipzig!
go nihilum :)
hm x6tence and Pandemic in Group A and Nihilum and SK in Group B.

Final: x6 vs. Nihilum

Winner: x6 2:3 3:2
x6 for sure :) Gogogoogogo!!!
Go EG!!
ESL people, please contact me asap about the TBD spot!
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