Counter-Strike: Rules & Regulations
What are the rules?
As this is the first Global Challenge for Counter-Strike this season, I think it's time for some rule clarifications. Most game-specific rules are already covered by the Season III rulebook.

But of course the tournament mode differs from the online season. These are the cornerstones:

    Matches are played in BO1.
    Map is chosen through elimination (pool: dust2, nuke, train, tuscan, inferno).
    1st & 2nd from each group advance to playoffs.
    In group stage matches, teams will always play the full 30 rounds.
    Group rankings are determined by: points, match result if points are equal, round wins.
    Playoffs will be played in double elimination mode, best of three.
Affentod, Wednesday, 01/10/08 11:16
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Any questions? Will be glad to answer them.
"Double Elimination" in the playoffs, great. Is it still bo1 or bo3? The grand final, bo1 or bo3? :)
BO1 in playoffs. Grand final is the usual BO3 with the upper bracket winner getting one free map win.
Will they play only bo3 in the grand final or in all games after the group stage?
Only Grand Finals.
so why are you writing "Playoffs will be played in double elimination mode, best of three" when all matches are played in bo1? It's as usual as always that you have to win 2 maps in the overall final coming from the lowerbracket.
If I understand Affentod right, you habe to win two bo3, if you come from the lowerbracket.

Affentod: "wtf, was I drunk when I wrote that? it's definitely BO1, otherwise we'll never finish." ;)
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