Only one week to go!
Behold the mighty journalist heroes
It's really exciting. Only 7 more days until E4All hits off. I'm so looking forward to this great venue. And it seems like I'm not the only one.

Press accreditations are trickling in, and it already looks very promising. We have our expert Marc Winther, the wonderful Alexandra Nagy with her fragbite entourage and the one (and only) crow, also known as Jonas Gebhardt for MYM.

Here's the full list:

Brent Ruiz (ESFI World)
Gene Angel (ESFI World)
Samuel Lingle (ESFI World)
Alexandra "2520403" Nagy (Fragbite)
Martin "3353171" Lindbäck (Fragbite)
André "rich" Åkerblom (Fragbite)
Marc "2622563" Winther (
Jonas "2417300" Gebhardt (MYM)

When I hear of anyone else coming, I'll let you know.
Affentod, Thursday, 25/09/08 12:45
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good luck to all attending editors
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