AGAiN vs. Made in Brazil
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 Made in Brazil
Status: closed
MatchID 10824696
Date Friday, 03/10/08 18:45
Calculated 03/10/08 19:41
map train
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13 : 17
Made in Brazil wins !
Points 0 : +3
04/10/08 04:30
# HLTV Demo*
6.3 MB, 04/10/08 04:30, by crtmN
04/10/08 17:06
Demo - mibr - cogu*
29.1 MB, 04/10/08 17:06, by crtmN
* No longer available
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comments (23)
hot match :D
HLTV server?
bs mibr bora ranca a kbça dos polaco ai!
gogo mym
hltv ip?
mYm 16 - 5 mibr >mYm< WIN!
16-5??? u Are Crazy, With That Lineup mibr can defeat easy MyM haha, cogu=gg.
Her U Can See The HLTV
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MYM 11 - 16 MIBR!!!!! g0g0 Mibr!
go mYm
hlsw" target="_blank">Masz cela jak baba z wesela
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Czymam kciuki panowie
cogu is back :>
"mibr" is not only rested on the single player as "Cogu" for instance, but by the nice performance of "Mibr", damage for "MYM" really
very exciting match :D
i didnt say it was a one man show from cogu?
mean only the best awp player after "johnny r" is back :p

btw hi @ de_cogu is coming
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johnny r sucks with his interp of 0.1
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