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    Videointerview with n0thing 06.10.2008 16:21    
  n0thing explains why they won against fnatic but not SK

Team EG, probably one of the biggest upsets during this tournament won against fnatic and MYM in the playoffs. 2763071, considered the star player of their team was interviewed by Fragbite about their win against fnatic, and why they lost against SK.

Watch the interview here.

Note: an interview with SK.RobbaN follows but it's in Swedish.

    Interviews with zet and Archi 06.10.2008 10:48    
  "The best SK right now" and "There's no excuse for fnatic"

The event ended yesterday but the voices still reverberate. At Gotfrag 629444 discusses SK's victory at Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Los Angeles, as well as his time spent playing CS:Source for coL in the US. At SK Gaming Archi states that "there's no excuse for what happened".

    Vote for the CS 1.6 player of the tournament 06.10.2008 01:01    
  Who's the CS 1.6 Player of the Tournament?

Many great CS 1.6 matches were played in Los Angeles at the second Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge. Finally SK Gaming won the overall final against Made in Brazil. But who is the player of the tournament? Write a comment who's your favourite player! 2763071, 1767953 or maybe 3512989? It's up to you!

    Global Challenge Los Angeles Finished 06.10.2008 01:01    
  Bye Los Angeles, see you in Montreal!

The Gallery

Counter-Strike 1.6:
1st: SK Gaming (25,000USD)
2nd: Made in Brazil (10,000USD)
3rd: Team EG (6,000USD)
4th: AGAiN (4,000USD)
5th - 6th: ex-compLexity (2,500USD)
5th - 6th: sdasdasdasd (2,500USD)
World of Warcraft
1st: x6tence.wow (15,000USD)
2nd: Nihilum Plasma (6,000USD)
3rd: compLexity (3,600USD)
4th: Pandemic.WoW (2,400USD)
5th - 6th: Evil Geniuses (1,500USD)
5th - 6th: SK Gaming (1,500USD)
The second Global Challenge of the third season is finished in Los Angeles. We saw great tournaments and thrilling matches. We hope you enjoyed our Live Coverage from the United States! See you all from 17th until 19th of October in Montreal.

Finally we want to thank Intel for their great support!

    Check out the last picture from Los Angeles 06.10.2008 00:52    
  Pictures from Sunday

Check out our Sunday Gallery

    We present the final rankings of the WoW tournament 06.10.2008 00:15    
  The Final WoW Rankings

1st: x6tence.wow (15,000USD)
2nd: Nihilum Plasma (6,000USD)
3rd: compLexity (3,600USD)
4th: Pandemic.WoW (2,400USD)
5th - 6th: Evil Geniuses (1,500USD)
5th - 6th: SK Gaming (1,500USD)

    x6tence won 3:2 in the overall final vs. Nihilum 06.10.2008 00:11    
  x6tence won the WoW tournament!

It's over! x6tence.wow won the Global Challenge in Los Angeles. Nihilum Plasma played really good, but finally the Spanish team won with 3:2. What a great final and tournament!

    The WoW Overall Final will start soon! 05.10.2008 23:55    
  WoW Overall Final: Nihilum vs. x6tence

After a great performance against compLexity the winner of the first Global Challenge, Nihilum Plasma, will face x6tence.wow right now in the overall final. Who will win the 15,000USD prize money for the first place?

    Attendance Numbers 05.10.2008 23:27    
  15,000 gamers at E4All

As organizer IDG just announced, approximately 15,000 gamers visited this year's E4All. This is a decrease of 3,000 compared to last year's 18k visitors. Still IDG calls it a "successful second year". We are certainly satisfied, since we had a great tournament with most of the world's elite in Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft.

    The Global Challenge is finished for CS 1.6 05.10.2008 23:17    
  The Final CS 1.6 Rankings

1st: SK Gaming (25,000USD)
2nd: Made in Brazil (10,000USD)
3rd: Team EG (6,000USD)
4th: AGAiN (4,000USD)
5th - 6th: ex-compLexity (2,500USD)
5th - 6th: sdasdasdasd (2,500USD)

    Check out our pictures from the great overall final 05.10.2008 22:20    
  Exclusive Pictures from the thrilling final

Scroll down: SK Gaming vs. MiBR in the overall final

    SK Gaming won against MiBR in a great match 05.10.2008 22:13    
  SK Gaming won the Global Challenge!

Swedish powerhouse SK Gaming won against Made in Brazil with 2:1 maps. SK came out of the Lower Bracket and showed an amazing performance. The guys form Brazil came back at the end of the second map. In the overtime the champion was crowned. SK Gaming won the second Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge.

    MiBR vs. SK Gaming goes into the overtime 05.10.2008 21:55    
  Overtime in L.A.!

SK Gaming had five match points, but Made in Brazil started a fulminate late game. Now it's going into the overtime. What an unbelievable Counter-Strike 1.6 overall final!

    Counter-Strike Grand Final 05.10.2008 20:50    
  See first pictures from the final match

Follow SK vs mibr in our photo gallery

    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 20:20    
  Serennia interview after nerd rage incident

There's a little back story on 3438794 and yesterday's incident of nerd rage in the person of 3438888. I recommend watching that video before the interview. Also check out our ESL TV YouTube stream.

    SK won against EG 05.10.2008 20:17    
  SK Gaming owned Team EG!

All Pictures from the game SK vs. EG

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 05.10.2008 20:05    
  SK dominates EG, advances to Grand Final

In a very short and unemotional match, SK Gaming won against Team EG 16:1. Thus, EG will go home with 6k$ in prize money (minus 12% for showing up late twice). SK really did a service to their fellow Europeans. On the European Continental Finals in February, Europe now has 3 slots for Counter-Strike teams to qualify for the Global Finals. Current slot distribution for the Global finals:

    Europe: 3
    Americas: 3
    Asia: 2
    Not yet determined: 4

    The Last Day Begins 05.10.2008 19:51    
  The Doors of the E for All are open!

Opening Ceremony with Cheerleaders

    Timetable for today 05.10.2008 19:46    

So here's the plan for today: After the currently running lower bracket final in Counter-Strike, we will immediately continue with the Grand Final. World of Warcraft will resume afterwards. Thus we can ensure, that all 6 of today's matches can be shown live on ESL TV.

    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 19:29    
  Interview with walle before lower bracket final

Here's an interview with 1767953 from SK Gaming. Check it out, and find all videos in our ESL TV YouTube stream, especially the already infamous nerd rage video.

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 05.10.2008 19:21    
  CS about to start

Finally, Team EG showed up, and the match against SK is about to start any minute now. Since Team EG is also still playing WCG US, there's a lot of pressure on the match schedule. WCG forced EG to either start playing right now with the absolute minimum of setup time or having to forfeit their place in the WCG tournament.

    Interview with PMS|aNNa and SK|Serennia 05.10.2008 19:06    
  10 WoW questions
Gotfrag sat down with Laejten and discussed their performance at the Global Challenge in L.A. Afterwards 3438794 had to answer five questions regarding the elimination of his team.

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 05.10.2008 18:59    
  Waiting for EG

Same procedure as everyday. Team EG is supposed to play the first match today and is still in the hotel. At least this time, we have their phone number to harass them. But don't expect the match between SK Gaming and Team EG to start on time.

    Saturday Photos 05.10.2008 18:50    
  aNNa, MYM after the loss against SK and n0thing

The Saturday Gallery

    The finals are near 05.10.2008 13:13    
  6 matches left in L.A.
In a couple of hours the last day of the Global Challenge L.A. begins.

At 13:30 EDT SK and EG will battle it out. The winner moves to the CS1.6 overall final against Made in Brazil at 14:30 EDT

In World of Warcraft we will see four matches since the lower bracket round 1
( Pandemic vs. Nihilum ) and upper bracket final ( Gotgame East vs. x6tence ) had to be postponed.

    In-Eye demos 05.10.2008 04:24    
  bit1, allen, tentpole and more

Here's another batch of in-eye demos:

Please head over to this news and tell us what else you'd like to see. You'll also find a list of other in-eye demos there.

    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 04:09    
  World of Warcraft player Swarm gets really REALLY mad

I think you could label this as a must see video! Take a look at the madness. You can find all videos in our ESL TV YouTube stream. There are now several World of Warcraft matches on the stream.

    World of Warcraft Playoffs 05.10.2008 03:29    
  Upper Bracket Final postponed

Since we are reaching the end of the show here in L.A. we decided to postpone the upper bracket final and lower bracket round 1 until tomorrow morning.

    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 03:20    
  Interview with aNNa from PMS

ESL TV just did an interview with the lovely Laejten from TIGRRR. Check it out, and find all videos in our ESL TV YouTube stream.

    MYM is out and SK Gaming will play against EG 05.10.2008 03:12    
  SK Gaming wins over MYM

Scroll down to see pictures from the match SK Gaming vs. MYM

AGAiN lost versus SK Gaming. The players around 1767953 owned the Polish team really hard: 16:02 is the final result. Especially 455225 and 452543 were really disappointed. Have a look at our pictures.

    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 03:02    
  Evil Genius hostile on the mic


    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 02:44    
  Instant Replay: EG vs x6tence

This is Round 3 of the group stage match between x6tence.wow and Evil Geniuses. In the next few days we'll upload more matches into the ESL TV YouTube stream. Oh, and Nihilum vs. SK Round 1 was just uploaded as well.

    New content 05.10.2008 02:40    
  cogu and n0thing interviewed by GotFrag

GotFrag just posted two new interviews. Find 2763071 talking about his team's performance here. And you can read 3512989 talk about all things mibr here.

    WoW Relegation 05.10.2008 01:50    
  WoW Group Stage finished, Nihilum and x6tence qualify

Group stage in World of Warcraft over. The first place teams advance to the playoffs. Place 2 and 3 have to play one relegation match against a team from the opposite group to determine the other 2 playoff teams. Here's the final ranking:

Group A

Group B


    In-Eye demos 05.10.2008 01:33    
  mibr, walle, PaTyoJoN in-eyes

We've added four more in-eye demos:

Please head over to this news and tell us what else you'd like to see. You'll also find a list of other in-eye demos there.

    Photos of World of Warcraft 05.10.2008 01:21    
  World of Warcraft profile photos and mibr celebrating

Scroll down for WoW profiles and mibr celebrating

    Schedule 05.10.2008 00:53    
  SK over Gameplay in first overtime

Finally we had our first overtime in the Counter-Strike playoffs. SK Gaming won against sdasdasdasd in the lower bracket 21:19. Today, we're almost on schedule in Counter-Strike and are only facing minor delays in the World of Warcraft tournament. If we can keep this up, we'll finish on time today.

    ESL TV video on demand 05.10.2008 00:40    
  carn about fnatic's early playoff elimination


    Global Finals Slot Distribution 05.10.2008 00:24    
  EG upsets MYM, Americas receive additional spot for Global Finals

In a tense match that was closely followed by everyone in the tournament area, Team EG beat AGAiN and advances to the upper bracket finals. For sure, nobody expected this event to be dominated by American teams, but here we are: The upper bracket final is Team EG vs. Made in Brazil.

This means: With at least 1 American team placing top 2, the Americas now receive the first of 6 additional spots for the World Finals! Now, 3 Counter-Strike teams can advance from the Continental Finals in Philadelphia to the World Finals at next year's CeBIT.

    Another in-eye demo 05.10.2008 00:06    
  cogu vs SK

You asked for it, you get it. You can now download the demo of 3512989 vs SK Gaming. Please head over to this news and tell us what else you'd like to see.

    More content from the web 05.10.2008 00:01    
  Videos, Interviews, Articles

There's more articles and interviews on scene websites:


    The next top favourite is out of the tournament 04.10.2008 23:43    
  fnatic is out!

Archi, cArn and Co after their loss

The next top favourite is out of the tournament: fnaticRC! They lost in a thrilling game against sdasdasdasd on de_nuke. fnatic was really frustrated after their two losses in the Play-Offs. 1483411 smashed his headset at the ground. All players did not understand their performance. Check out our pictures after the loss. Desperation and frustration.

    More In-Eye Demos 04.10.2008 23:34    
  Cogu, Neo, plastE demos available

Due to popular demand we have uploaded three more in-eye demos from the group stage:

Also still available is 2763071 demo against fnaticRC (go to match). We will continue to supply you with in-eye demos. Please head over to this news and tell us what you'd like to see.

    Current Updates 04.10.2008 23:13    
  What just happened?

Just to give you the heads-up what happened in the last hour:

    fnaticRC is out of the tournament, placing 7th/8th and not getting any prize money
    Turmoil Gaming is out as well, losing to ex-compLexity in the lower bracket
    The tournament finally started after some nasty delays due to setup issues
    Made in Brazil is the first team in the upper bracket final, beating SK
    SK Gaming is now facing sdasdasdasd in the lower bracket

    ESL TV video on demand 04.10.2008 22:51    
  Interview with ins


    Saturday Photos 04.10.2008 21:58    
  SK|Alice, Sam Matthews, more in Saturday gallery

All new Saturday gallery

    ESL TV video on demand 04.10.2008 21:38    
  ESL TV day one summary

A summary of day 1 and a preview of the upcoming matches at Intel Extreme Masters Los Angeles. You can find all the VoDs on our ESL TV YouTube channel.

    Love story in Los Angeles 04.10.2008 21:35    
  MYM|TaZ in love?

It seems that 455225 from MYM fell for our very own cs admin Nina. Is it the magic of the city of angels? However, something inspires him and his team. They just managed to beat Gameplay.

    Friday photo gallery 04.10.2008 21:34    
  More profile pics from American teams

Fatal1ty, MoB Gaming, n0thing and more in our Friday gallery!

Since we had some major issues with the ESL page last night, we were unable to upload the full batch of photos that we had in store. So head over to yesterday's gallery, scroll down all the way and find profile pics of MugNmouse, OLD MOB and The realisT projecT as well as Fatal1ty!

    American CS 1.6 Duel in the Lower Bracket 04.10.2008 21:33    
  PoV: "Get fucking raped!"

The duel in the first round of the Counter-Strike 1.6 Lower Bracket between the two American teams ex-compLexity and Turmoil Gaming seems to be really hot. After winning the first two rounds Turmoil Gaming shouted: "Get fucking raped!" We'll see if the mTw killer can win. But one thing is for sure: This duel will be amazing!

    ESL TV video on demand 04.10.2008 21:10    
  What does this place look like?

Our very own FlyingDJ gives you a full tour through the L.A. tournament area.

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 04.10.2008 21:03    
  n0thing's demo now available

Head over to the match details of Team EG vs. fnaticRC where you can find and download 2763071's demo!

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 04.10.2008 20:55    
  The perfect upset

It's done. Team EG beat fnaticRC 16:1 on de_train. The US teams are proving to be more than a handful in Counter-Strike 1.6. Man of the match: 2763071! His in-eye demo from the match will be available in a couple of minutes, stay tuned.

    In Eye Demos 04.10.2008 20:45    
  What do you want to see?

We have a lot of in-eye demos available, but we cannot upload everything from the event due to limited upload capacities. So for deciding what to upload, we'd like to include YOU in the process. Head to the comments section of this news and tell us, what in-eye demos you'd like to see. We had some issues with the group stage naming of the demos, so playoff matches would be preferred. Just tell us the match and player you'd like to see.

Update 1: First n0thing demo online here.
Update 2: cogu, plastE, neo demos here.
Update 3: Another cogu demo here.
Update 4: cogu, fnx, PaTyoJoN and walle demos here.


    Team EG leading vs. fnatic 04.10.2008 20:44    
  Will EG own fnatic?

Will the star team fnaticRC lose their first match in the Play-Offs against Team EG? The first half is finished on de_train and Team EG leads with 14:01. Unbelievable!

    ESL TV video on demand 04.10.2008 20:08    
  Video interview with drew from Paragon of Virtue


    Counter-Strike Playoffs 04.10.2008 20:06    
  MYM vs GamePlay further delayed

Since one of the computers of GamePlay is still loading a steam update, the match is still delayed. It will start as soon as the update is finished.

    WoW Lineups 04.10.2008 19:36    
  The lineups of all WoW teams
Group A

x6tence.wow: Souler (Druid), Siler (Warrior), Falcon (Priest)
Evil Geniuses: Azazael (Warlock), Zyz (Rogue), Spoh (Druid)
Pandemic.WoW: Kintt (Priest), Caal (Druid), Ohnoes (Rogue)
TIGRRR: aNNa (Rogue), Reliza (Warlock), Lykke (Druid)

Group B

Nihilum Plasma: Paperkat (Warrior), Inflame (Warlock), Carekoala (Druid)
compLexity: Sodah (Druid), Venruki (Mage), Happyminti (Rogue)
SK Gaming: Serennia (Warrior), Fershie (Priest), Chumpjohn (Druid)
Finding Serennia: Verdy (Priest), Lunce (Warlock), Meugen (Druid)

    Counter-Strike Playoffs 04.10.2008 19:27    
  Starting the day with delay

Due to some issues with the punctuality, we'll start off with delay again. The whole Team EG is missing though their match against fnaticRC is supposed to start in 5 minutes. Also, sdasdasdasd is not yet complete. So, the only matches starting on time are x3o vs. SK (live on ESL TV) and mibr against PoV.

    Interviews and articles 04.10.2008 19:06    
  Loads of read-ups

We're back on location in L.A. and there's a lot of catching up to do. Writers and video people were busy creating new content, so here it goes:


    Interview with ESL Head WoW Admin 04.10.2008 16:14    
  Shawn about L.A. and World of Warcraft

Nihilums 2397882 sat down with head administrator for World of Warcraft Shawn and asked for his predictions for Los Angeles, his work as head of World of Warcraft in the ESL, the upcoming expansion pack "Wrath of the Lich King" and much more. Read the full interview here.

    What's up next? 04.10.2008 11:40    
  World of Warcraft Group Stage and Counter-Strike Playoffs
On the second day of the Global Challenge Los Angeles finally World of Warcraft start off with the groupstage.

The CS teams already begin with the playoffs at 13:30 EDT:

    Last photo batch of Friday 04.10.2008 10:07    
  Have a look at the teams in the last matches of Group Stage

SK, MoB and mibr in action

    Intel Extreme Masters photos 04.10.2008 03:15    
  Huge update to the photo gallery

Loads of mibr, EG.us photos and profile pictures of SK

    ESL TV video on demand 04.10.2008 02:31    
  Interview with sunde after their elimination


    Interview after the defeat 04.10.2008 01:50    
  "We just had a bad tournament"

GotFrag got the scoop again and has interviewed 825014 about their devastating defeat against ex-compLexity that saw them eliminated from the group stage. Read the full interview to find out what mTw is up to next and what they think about the American 1.6 scene.

    New Photos 04.10.2008 01:42    
  New impressions from the day

Amazed SK players, Gameplay interviews Gameplay, Nihilum spectating CS

    GotFrag double interview 04.10.2008 01:30    
  x3o early test for fnatic

GotFrag just posted a double interview with Archi and 2761205 about the group stage match between x3o and fnatic. They talk in detail about what happened on the server and what emotions they went through.

    Video interview on MYMYM 04.10.2008 01:21    
  LUq about Global Challenge L.A.

There's a video interview from LA up on mymym.com. Check it out, it has 452543 in it!

    PoV upsets mTw 04.10.2008 00:45    
  Photos from Paragon of Virtue's epic victory

Ecstatic Paragon players, saddened mTw team

The victory of ex-compLexity was certainly the biggest upset today so far. Scroll down in our gallery to see all photos from that epic match.

    mTw lost against PoV 04.10.2008 00:29    
  mTw out!

The top favourite from Denmark mTw int. is out of the tournament! They lost against ex-compLexity and placed only third in Group B. That's an unbelievable result. After winning against mTw an American player shouted: "mT who?!" Really hard for the players around ave. The whole team was disappointed and walked slowly and faint out of the tournament area.

    fnatic and x3o reach the Play-Offs 04.10.2008 00:04    
  CS 1.6 Group A finished


    Team Guardians from the USA 03.10.2008 23:24    
  Probably the coolest team of the tournament

Team Guardians pictures and more from the first tournament day

We already mentioned that Team zEx is a really cool team, but the newest pictures of the five gamers from the USA reach a new level. Just have an own look!

    Profiling the players 03.10.2008 22:45    
  x3o profile pictures

x3o pictures and more from the first tournament day

As some of the teams have not been to ESL offline events, yet, we'll try to bring to profile and team photos of all attending players. So have an eye out for the picture gallery!

    mTw lost the first match against Roccat 03.10.2008 22:28    
  mTw was beaten by Roccat

What's up with the big favourite mTw int.? They lost their first match against sdasdasdasd 12:18 on de_train. The Danish team is placing fourth in their group. Will they beat the American teams now? Or will they end fourth in the group?

    New photos available - eSports breaking the gender barrier 03.10.2008 22:07    
  Girls, Girls, Girls

First pictures of players in action

Is Team zEx cool or what? Standing in front of the tournament area like gangsters having a blast and chewing bubblegum. And what is actually up with Alexandra 2520403 Nagy from fragbite? As soon as she arrives to pick up her press badge, heads get turned a plenty. Hope it won't destract the players, they have a job to do here!

    Current Happenings 03.10.2008 21:57    
  x3o screaming at the top of their lungs

What an atmosphere. Top motivated team Turmoil Gaming just won the pistol round against fnaticRC and is filling the tournament area with loud screams! This looks like it's going to be an exciting match.

    Teamchange in WoW 03.10.2008 21:51    
  SK Gaming EU replaced by Finding Serennia

Due to visa issues the European team of SK Gaming will not attend the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challange Los Angeles. Instead another US-team will try to get their share of the $30.000 prize-money: Finding Serennia, that consists of tournament-experienced players 3445418, 2871731 and Lunce.

    HLTV IPs 03.10.2008 21:46    
  GotFrag with American HLTVs

GotFrag is running HLTV servers for the tournament as well. Find the exact match data in their up-to-the-minute coverage.


    Delays in the tournament 03.10.2008 21:41    
  Current delay: about 40 minutes

Due to some problems with initial setup we're running around 40 minutes late at the moment for all Counter-Strike matches. We'll try to get the match details updated with current scheduled times and also try to catch up some time during the day.

    New photos from L.A. 03.10.2008 21:09    
  E4All opening photos

See the Masters truck and thousands of eSports fans

And also check out this pic! It shows how our CS admins approach explaining forbidden positions. Last year we had several issues with these positions, so this year we actually brought printed screenshots especially for American teams not used to ESL rules.

    Groups A + B Counter-Strike 03.10.2008 20:45    
  We are live!

Besides PoV vs. vio all of the first 4 matches are now live. Be sure to check out the ESL TV live stream that will show mTw vs. Roccat as soon as a minor HLTV issue has been fixed.

    HLTV IPs 03.10.2008 20:32    
  HLTV IPs from HLTV.org

The guys from HLTV.org have set up their servers so you can watch any of the 4 parallel matches that you want. Here are the 4 server IPs. Matches are about to start any minute now. fnatic vs Guardians is already live!


    CS matches delayed 03.10.2008 20:10    
  Setup issues prevent timely start

Due to some issues with the setting up of the tournament PCs for the first Counter-Strike matches, the start of the tournament will be further delayed. We'll let you know when it starts as soon as we know.

    Global Challenge L.A. starts soon 03.10.2008 19:35    
  The first matches will start soon

Today the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Los Angeles will start! The matches are delayed in case of setup times. The first thrilling games will start at 11.00am PST.

    First Photos from the Location 03.10.2008 03:52    
  More than 60 new photos from Los Angeles

Photos from Global Challenge Los Angeles

    Intel Extreme Masters setup almost complete 03.10.2008 03:42    
  Everything set for eSports spectacle

Our setup crew worked hard to get all parts of the booth up and running. All is set for a great eSports weekend. Take a look at the hard working people who made this tournament possible. All this and more in our photo gallery.

New Steam Update!

A few minutes ago a new steam update came online! Our crew is updating all tournament computers and laptops from Alienware again. The steam update came suddenly, but our crew will solve the problem for sure. Nothing can stop the unbelievable Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Los Angeles!

    tihOp interviewed 03.10.2008 03:31    
  Roccat not ready for L.A.?

Roccat seems to have some problems at the moment. myMYM.com interviewed Tino "tihOp" Puumala from Roccat. The In-Game Leader talks about Roccat's current shape. They will bootcamp in Berlin to gain back old strenght. Read the full interview here.

    cArn interviewed 02.10.2008 17:25    
  cArn thinks their chances to win are big

myMYM.com keeps going with their short Los Angeles interviews. 475468 think the chances on fnaticRC defending their title is big, as they are ready to redeem themselves after a smaller repulse at DreamHack Skelefteå last weekend. Read the full interview here!

    The first photos from Los Angeles 02.10.2008 12:07    
  Our crew just arrived at the venue

Photos from Global Challenge Los Angeles

    Another CS interview by myMYM 02.10.2008 00:09    
  mTw|MJE: We are ready for LA

In another interview made by myMYM 1130101 talks about the shape of mTw int. He thinks that it's gonna be a tough tournament. They prepared well, but they had a break since October the 24th. You can read the entire interview here.

    World of WarCraft Groups 01.10.2008 19:12    
  World of WarCraft groups settled!

We finally got our hands over the settled World of WarCraft groups for Los Angeles starting in two days. It looks really promising:

Just like for Counter-Strike, let's test your World of WarCraft knowledge! Which teams do you think will advance to the playoffs?

    Interview with Carekoala, Paperkat, Inflame 01.10.2008 17:50    
  Nihilum Plasma about going to L.A.
Ben "2397882" Forbes interviewed the three Nihilum Plasma players about their trip to L.A. and their expectations for the tournament. After winning the World of Warcraft tournament in Leipzig, the pressure is on for the multi-national squad. Read the full interview on the Nihilum website.

    Counter-Strike: Rules & Regulations 01.10.2008 17:16    
  What are the rules?
As this is the first Global Challenge for Counter-Strike this season, I think it's time for some rule clarifications. Most game-specific rules are already covered by the Season III rulebook.

But of course the tournament mode differs from the online season. These are the cornerstones:

    Matches are played in BO1.
    Map is chosen through elimination (pool: dust2, nuke, train, tuscan, inferno).
    1st & 2nd from each group advance to playoffs.
    In group stage matches, teams will always play the full 30 rounds.
    Group rankings are determined by: points, match result if points are equal, round wins.
    Playoffs will be played in double elimination mode, best of three.

    Counter-Strike groups live 01.10.2008 14:13    
  Groups for Counter-Strike here!
The League Operations team just drew the groups for Counter-Strike Los Angeles and they are now ready to go live! Without further ado, here they are:

Which two teams from each group do you think will advance? Let's put your Counter-Strike knowledge to the test. Give your eight playoff teams in a comment!

    3 new British hosts at ESL TV 01.10.2008 13:12    
  Welcome James, Joe and Matt
From now on three new British moderators will present finest eSports at ESL TV. All three already got a lot of experience as moderators and are well known throughout the scene. James '2861862' Harding, Joe '2861708' Miller and Matt '2621424' Rider will present the upcoming three Intel Extreme Masters III events in Los Angeles, Montreal and Dubai as well as the upcoming ESL Pro Series in the United Kingdom.


    GotFrag interviews Paragon of Virtue's savi0r 01.10.2008 12:15    
  "Nothing to lose"

GotFrag's Bryan Buskey sat down with 3360495 of ex-compLexity to discuss their expectations for the Intel Extreme Masters in Los Angeles. The interview delves into PoV's recent lineup changes, their bad reputation as an "online" team and their expectations for the prestigious tournament.

    More changes in Counter-Strike tournament 01.10.2008 11:04    
  rSports replacing emuLate

As we reported yesterday, oXmoze had to drop out of the Global Challenge Los Angeles. DynastyGaming has cancelled its attendance as well. The two replacement teams are:

See the full list of participants here.

    Change in Counter-Strike lineup 30.09.2008 21:15    
  emuLate drops out of Global Challenge LA

As we just learned, oXmoze is unfortunately unable to attend the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Los Angeles. Stop by tomorrow to find out who is replacing the French team. See the full list of participants in both World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike here.

    Group Drawings at 9pm CET on ESL TV 30.09.2008 19:32    
  Who against who? Part 2

Tomorrow at 9pm CET Uli 'FlyingDJ' Schulze and our brandnew host James '2861862' Harding will present the drawing for Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge L.A. You can watch the show free on ESL TV in high quality.

    Group Drawings live on ESL TV 30.09.2008 18:39    
  Who against who?

The groups for Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge L.A. this weekend will be drawn live on ESL TV tomorrow evening. We'll get back to you with the exact time tomorrow. As soon as groups are drawn, you'll find the full match schedule on the groups pages and the match ticker above will finally fill up!

    MYM|Neo about Intel Extreme Masters in L.A. 30.09.2008 17:26    
  MYM to take revenge for last Intel Extreme Masters in L.A.

I just saw that MYM has another interview up. The second one is with their own Neo. He says that his team prepared well to prevent a fatal defeat like the one they faced last year. Still it won't be easy, if you look at the full roster of teams:

MYMYM.com will also be on-site in Los Angeles with one writer. Make sure to check out their full precoverage.

    Interview with bit1 from Brazilian powerhouse mibr 30.09.2008 13:12    
  "Even greater than last year"

Our colleagues over at MYMYM.com conducted an interview with bit1 from Made in Brazil about their preparation and expectations for the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Los Angeles. The young Brazilian talks about recent roster changes and makes some bold predictions for the Counter-Strike tournament.

    Review of Global Challenge L.A. 2007 30.09.2008 12:57    
  Remember last time?

Scrolling through YouTube I found a nice review video, giving a good overview of what last year's tournament in L.A. was like. Check it out:


    Groups and Matches 29.09.2008 15:24    
  Group distribution to be released soon

As I just heard, our League Operations department is finalizing groups and schedules data for the World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike tournaments right now. If all goes well, there is going to be a live drawing on ESL TV Wednesday evening. You probably know, where you'll get the match-ups first, right? Stay tuned and give us your predictions in the comments!

    Pin Sharp Free Stream 29.09.2008 12:23    
  eSports Action from L.A. in Brilliant Quality (For Free!)
Our ESL TV tech guys have been hard at work to bring you this weekend's event in brilliant, pin sharp quality. All week long, you get free access to the 700k free stream! During the event you can access it directly through this very microsite here.


    Only one week to go! 25.09.2008 18:45    
  Behold the mighty journalist heroes
It's really exciting. Only 7 more days until E4All hits off. I'm so looking forward to this great venue. And it seems like I'm not the only one.

Press accreditations are trickling in, and it already looks very promising. We have our HLTV.org expert Marc Winther, the wonderful Alexandra Nagy with her fragbite entourage and the one (and only) crow, also known as Jonas Gebhardt for MYM.

Here's the full list:

Brent Ruiz (ESFI World)
Gene Angel (ESFI World)
Samuel Lingle (ESFI World)
Alexandra "2520403" Nagy (Fragbite)
Martin "3353171" Lindbäck (Fragbite)
André "rich" Åkerblom (Fragbite)
Marc "2622563" Winther (HLTV.org)
Jonas "2417300" Gebhardt (MYM)

When I hear of anyone else coming, I'll let you know.

    Overview 25.09.2008 14:16    
  Learn everything about Intel Extreme Masters
Tournament structure and competition mode
Other Intel Extreme Masters stops

    Information 25.09.2008 14:16    
  October action in Los Angeles
The Intel Extreme Masters are back in Los Angeles! The second Global Challenge will be held at the E for All Expo, Los Angeles, United States. Watch the best Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft teams fight for $80,000 prize money and two additional slots for their continent at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals between 3rd and 5th of October. Everyone is more than welcome to join in either on spot or from home, as Intel Extreme Masters will bring full coverage both over the net and on spot!

Have a look at our last stop in Los Angeles!


    Media 23.09.2008 17:41    
  Pictures from Los Angeles Convention Center last season
Intel Extreme Masters Season 2 Los Angeles gallery


    Brackets, groups, participants 23.09.2008 17:41    
  Meeting the stars
16 teams for CS 1.6 and 8 teams for WoW so far. See the list building up.

    Prizemoney 23.09.2008 12:44    
  $80,000 to be distriputed among the participants
How we distribute the money

   General Information  
Counter-Strike 1.6

World of WarCraft

Dates: October 3rd-5th
Format: Groups/playoff
Location: Los Angeles, E for All
Advance from: Wild card
Prizemoney: $80,000

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st Place: $25,000
       SK Gaming
2nd Place: $10,000
       Made in Brazil
3rd Place: $6,000
4th Place: $4,000
5-6th Place: $2,500
      Paragon of Virtue
5-6th Place: $2,500
      Team GamePlay

World of WarCraft
1st Place: $15,000
2nd Place: $6,000
      Nihilum Plasma
3rd Place: $3,600
      GotGame East
4th Place: $2,400
      Pandemic Blue
5-6th Place: $1,500
      Evil Geniuses
5-6th Place: $1,500
      SK Gaming




   Venue information  

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015