fnatic champions
fnatic tops MYM after troublesome grand final

fnatic can now call themselves world champions after a great grand final against MeetYourMakers. With a score of 13:2 halfway through the match, fnatic looked overwhelming. MeetYourMakers managed to wreck some havoc, though, as fnatic barely climbs over the finish line to claim the $50,000 that comes with the first place.

1st fnatic ($50,000)
2nd MeetYourMakers ($25,000)
3rd mTw ($15,000)
4th SK-Gaming ($10,000)
5th-6th Team ALTERNATE ($5,000)
5th-6th WeMade Fox ($5,000)
7th-8th Gravitas Gaming ($3,000)
7th-8th Crack Clan ($3,000)
9th-10th AndThenSome ($2,500)
9th-10th Team EG ($2,500)
11th-12th mibr ($2,000)
11th-12th x3o ($2,000)

All matches from the Continental Finals Europe and Global Finals are over. Congratulations to our champions!
Genie, Sunday, 08/03/09 11:38
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mym #2 also good :)
9th-10th Team EG ($2,500)
it was a great final match and congratulations to mym, too.
i think they dont deserve it
mtw still n1... for me :D
nice final
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