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    Carmac and fnatic guests Live on 3 18.03.2009 12:34    
  Carmac and fnatic talks Intel Extreme Masters at Live on 3

This week we have a double episode of Live on 3 (Lo3) with djWHEAT and Slasher coming up. Tune in on Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th at 7 PM EST/1 AM CET (early Thursday morning and Friday morning for Europeans).

Special guests for Wednesday night's show include Patrik "cArn" Sättermon and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund of ESL CS champions fnatic, who will talk about their title run after an up and down season.

The show will have a very special guest for Thursday night's show as ESL's new product manager and longtime eSports journalist Michal "Carmac" Blicharz will join them for an extended period of time. There, they'll talk with Carmac about his new job at ESL and how he plans to push ESL's products to fans, the ESL finals, what's in store for the next season of the Extreme Masters, and his thoughts on all of this week's topics.

Tune in here

    From the begining to the end 18.03.2009 11:24    
  Continental Finals Europe & Global Finals in rerun

In the usual manner, ESL TV has uploaded all their VoD's from the Continental Finals Europe and Global Finals on their page. Here is the collection of all matches. Follow the matches over and over again!

February 27th, 2009
Intel Extreme Masters, pre-CeBIT talk

March 3rd, 2009: Continental Finals Europe
Team ALTERNATE vs mousesports, Group Stage
n!faculty vs. mTw, Group Stage
Fnatic vs. mTw, Group Stage
MYM vs.SK Gaming, Group Stage
mousesports vs. SK Gaming, Group Stage

March 4th, 2009: Continental Finals Europe
mousesports vs. Nihilum Plasma, Group Stage
aAa nawaK vs. Nihilum Plasma, Group Stage
SK Gaming EU vs. x6tence, Group Stage
TERA Gaming vs. SK Gaming, Group Stage
aAa nawaK vs. iNNERFiRE, Group Stage
SK Gaming vs. mousesports Cake, Group Stage
SK Gaming vs. fnatic, Relegation
MYM vs. mTw, Playoffs
ALTERNATE vs. fnatic, Playoffs

March 5th, 2009: Continental Finals Europe
ALTERNATE vs. mTw, Playoffs
SK Gaming vs iNNERFiRE, Playoffs
SK Gaming vs x6tence, Playoffs
Nihilum Plasma vs. SK Gaming, Playoffs
Alternate vs. MYM, Playoffs
mTw vs Alternate, Grand Final
iNNERFiRE vs. Nihilum Plasma, Grand Final
Global Finals Group Drawing

March 6th, 2009: Global Finals
fnatic vs. Wemade Fox, Group Stage
ALTERNATE vs. Wemade Fox, Group Stage
ALTERNATE vs. Team EG, Group Stage
SK Gaming vs. mTw, Group Stage
mTw vs. MYM, Group Stage

March 7th, 2009: Global Finals
SK.eu vs. SK.us, Group Stage
HON vs. compLexity, Group Stage
compLexity vs. SK.us, Group Stage
SK.Korea vs. Evil Geniuses, Group Stage
SK.Korea vs iNNERFiRE, Group Stage
fnatic vs. mTw, Playoffs
ALTERNATE vs. MeetYourMakers, Relegations
MeetYourMakers vs. mTw, Playoffs

March 8th, 2009: Global Finals
aAa nawaK vs. SK Korea, Playoffs
HON vs. aAa nawaK, Playoffs
mTw vs. MYM, Playoffs
fnatic vs. MYM, Grand Final
SK Gaming Korea vs. HON, Grand Final

    Re-live CeBIT 12.03.2009 13:10    
  All videos from the CeBIT tournaments

Re-live the tournaments at CeBIT with all the great video interviews that were made during the event. Here is a collection of all of them!

Continental Finals Europe
Xom interview
Desis from iNNERFiRE talks
Reliza from mouz Cake
Hilarious Xom moment
Cyx talks about CeBIT disaster
zet: "we played 70% today"
mooN talks ALTERNATE sensation
mouz vs ALTERNATE last round emotions
mJe: "we prepare new strats every time"
GeT_Right about being in fnatic
Lurppis - the Crack Clan underdog
RobbaN: "f0rest won the game for them"
mooN after fnatic victory
cArn: "GeT_RiGhT is the best in the world"
MYM.neo talks about the disappointment of 3rd place
Zonic admits: "I cried because John Connor cried"

Global Finals
ave from mTw after the MYM game
GeT_RiGhT: "I want to win."
Guddo: "I bet 1,000,000 euro we will stay"
cArn talks championship

    Pixel.tv at Global Finals 09.03.2009 22:19    
  Pixel.tv with extensive movie from the Global Finals

Pixel.tv visited the Continental Finals Europe and Global Finals at CeBIT to make an extensive video covering the whole event. In the video, some interviews are embed, with among others, Carmac, GeT_RiGhT and TwAizZ.

See the full video in English here.

    cArn talks championship 08.03.2009 18:08    
  cArn talks after Global Finals victory

cArn from fnatic talks about the victory in the Global Final of Intel Extreme Masters Season 3.


    fnatic champions 08.03.2009 16:38    
  fnatic tops MYM after troublesome grand final

fnatic can now call themselves world champions after a great grand final against MeetYourMakers. With a score of 13:2 halfway through the match, fnatic looked overwhelming. MeetYourMakers managed to wreck some havoc, though, as fnatic barely climbs over the finish line to claim the $50,000 that comes with the first place.

1st fnatic ($50,000)
2nd MeetYourMakers ($25,000)
3rd mTw ($15,000)
4th SK-Gaming ($10,000)
5th-6th Team ALTERNATE ($5,000)
5th-6th WeMade Fox ($5,000)
7th-8th Gravitas Gaming ($3,000)
7th-8th Crack Clan ($3,000)
9th-10th AndThenSome ($2,500)
9th-10th Team EG ($2,500)
11th-12th mibr ($2,000)
11th-12th x3o ($2,000)

All matches from the Continental Finals Europe and Global Finals are over. Congratulations to our champions!

    MYM joins fnatic in grand final 08.03.2009 14:49    
  MYM makes it into the grand final, eliminates mTw

Continental Finals Europe winners mTw are eliminated. First loss came against fnatic in the winner bracket final, and just now they also lost the consolation final against MeetYourMakers with the very neat score 14:16.

The grand final will be played in a moment. This is what we have been waiting for; who's the best Counter-Strike team in the world - fnatic or MeetYourMakers?

    H O N global champions! 08.03.2009 13:19    
  H O N claims the victory and titles as world champions

The very final game of the World of WarCraft tournament is over, and H O N claimed the victory over SK-Gaming to title themselves world champions of World of WarCraft!

The score in the grand final ended at 3:2, 3:2, and the highlight of the game and the tournament came when H O N was down in a 1 versus 2 position, and turning it back to his favor by out of no where kill one of his opponents.

Global Finals Outcome
    1. H O N ($30,000)
    2. SK-Gaming ($15,000)
    3. aAa nawaK ($9,000)
    4. SK-Gaming ($6,000)
    5.-6. iNNERFiRE ($3,000)
    5.-6. mousesports ($3,000)
    7.-8. Evil Geniuses ($1,800)
    7.-8.` x6tence ($1,800)
    9.-10. SK-Gaming ($1,500)
    9.-10. Nihilum Plasma ($1,500)
    11.-12. mousesports Cake ($1,200)
    11.-12. compLexity ($1,200)

Next up are the last games of Counter-Strike. mTw and MeetYourMakers will battle it out to claim a spot in the grand final against fnatic

    H O N revenge against aAa 08.03.2009 11:21    
  H O N gets their revenge against aAa, all Korean grand final

H O N got their revenge against French aAa nawaK for kicking them down to loser bracket. The consolation final was just played between the two, and this time it was the Koreans that performed the better, and won 3 against 1.

This means that we will have an all Korean grand final between SK-Gaming and H O N. This match will be played on ESL TV 11.45 CET.

First pictures of the final day

After the grand final of World of WarCraft is over, we will head right in to Counter-Strike with the match between MeetYourMakers and mTw, which if course also will be played on stage and on ESL TV.

    SK.Korea over aAa 08.03.2009 10:39    
  aAa nawaK down to loser bracket, up against H O N

First game of the day over when SK-Gaming easily take down aAa nawaK with a 3:0 score. The Frenchmen will now be up against H O N in the loser bracket final, where the winner will advance in to the grand final, where obviously SK-Gaming now is waiting.

The match is scheduled to start at 11.15 CET.

    Guddo: "I bet 1,000,000 euro we will stay" 08.03.2009 10:37    
  Guddo talks after fnatic loss

Martin "Guddo" Cording, manager of mTw, talks about the loss against fnatic and the controversy surrounding his team this weekend, including trash talking EG and his team's removal from mTw.


    SK.Korea vs aAa nawaK 08.03.2009 10:22    
  First stage match of the day between SK.Korea and aAa nawaK

The day starts off with the World of WarCraft winner bracket final between SK-Gaming and aAa nawaK, very soon. The winner advance in to the grand final, while the loser will play H O N to get back.

10.00 CET: aAa nawaK vs SK-Gaming
11.00 CET: MeetYourMakers vs mTw
11.15 CET: H O N vs winner, previous match
12.00 CET: Grand Final
13.00 CET: Grand Final

    GeT_RiGhT: "I want to win." 07.03.2009 20:50    
  GeT_RiGhT: "I want to win. I feel it in my whole body."

Freshly after Fnatic's victory against mTw in the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals upper bracket final Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund sits down with ESL TV to share his thoughts and feelings.


    MYM eliminates SK 07.03.2009 20:00    
  MYM up against mTw after SK elimination

The loser bracket round two match was just finished, when MeetYourMakers crushed SK-Gaming with 16:4. The Poles will now go up against the team that they just previously lost against, mTw. The winner in that match will then go on and head up against fnatic in the Grand Final.

The last matches will be played tomorrow.

Last pictures of Saturday

    European SK eliminated 07.03.2009 19:53    
  H O N down to LB and kicks out European SK

The World of WarCraft tournament proceeds as both the winner and loser bracket round one is over. aAa nawaK managed to take down H O N, but the Korean replayed by taking down SK-Gaming in the loser bracket.

The matches will continue tomorrow.

    fnatic takes down mTw 07.03.2009 19:50    
  fnatic kicks mTw down to loser bracket

mTw, can be titled as the team of this tournament, has gone down against the Swedes in fnatic with quite a convincing score. 16:5 and mTw is kicked down to the loser bracket, while fnatic went in to the grand final.

In loser bracket round one, SK-Gaming and MeetYourMakers currently face each other to see who will go up against the Danes. Stay tuned for the result!

    Korean through relegations 07.03.2009 18:26    
  SK-Gaming.kr, H O N victorious in relegations

It was the Korean duo SK-Gaming and H O N who came out victorious from the relegation matches against iNNERFiRE and mousesports. The European champions are eliminated.

SK-Gaming 3:0 mousesports

Further, SK-Gaming won against SK-Gaming in the winner bracket round one with the score 3:2.

The other game between H O N and aAa nawaK is still under way.

    mTw over MYM, fnatic over SK 07.03.2009 18:22    
  mTw and fnatic in winner bracket final, MYM vs SK

The stage match between mTw and MeetYourMakers just finished and mTw came out victorious with 16:6. At the same time, the battle of Sweden ends with the score of 16:5 to favor of fnatic over SK-Gaming

The emotions from the Intel Extreme Masters

Next we have:
Winner bracket final - mTw vs fnatic on stage
Loser bracket round one - MeetYourMakers vs SK-Gaming

    Group A WoW over 07.03.2009 16:48    
  SK-Gaming.eu, H O N, mousesports progress from Group A

The group stage for World of WarCraft is over, with SK-Gaming coming out on top. H O N closely followed as well as mousesports not far behind them.

1. SK-Gaming (Playoffs)
2. H O N (Relegations)
3. mousesports (Relegations)
4. x6tence (Eliminated)
5. SK-Gaming (Eliminated)
6. compLexity (Eliminated)

This means that we have the following relegation matches:

mousesports vs SK-Gaming

    ALTERNATE down to MYM 07.03.2009 16:43    
  MYM advances to the playoffs despite heavy ALTERNATE support

In the stage match between MeetYourMakers and Team ALTERNATE it was MYM who narrowly came out on top despite heavy ALTERNATE support in the crowd.

All pictures of this match

The crowd was screaming and yelling out their happiness every time ALTERNATE took a round, but the match ended with loud "sigh" among the crowd as MeetYourMakers took the match 16:14.

MeetYourMakers will go up against mTw in the winner bracket round one later on during the day.

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   Global Finals  
Counter-Strike 1.6

World of WarCraft

Dates: March 3rd-8th
Format: Groups/playoff
Location: Hannover, CeBIT
Advance from: Cont. Finals
Prizemoney: $200,000

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st Place: $50,000
2nd Place: $25,000
3rd Place: $15,000
4th Place: $10,000
5th-6th Place: $5,000
      Team ALTERNATE
      WeMade Fox
7th-8th Place: $3,000
      Gravitas Gaming
      Crack Clan
9th-10th Place: $2,500
      Team EG
11th-12th Place: $2,000

World of WarCraft
1st Place: $30,000
      H O N
2nd Place: $15,000
3rd Place: $9,000
      aAa nawaK
4th Place: $6,000
5th-6th Place: $3,000
7th-8th Place: $1,800
      Evil Geniuses
9th-10th Place: $1,500
      Nihilum Plasma
11th-12th Place: $1,200
      mousesports Cake


   Continental Finals Europe  
Counter-Strike 1.6

World of WarCraft

Dates: March 3rd-8th
Format: Groups/playoff
Location: Hannover, CeBIT
Advance from: Main Round
Prizemoney: $80,000

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st Place: $25,000
2nd Place: $10,000
      Team ALTERNATE
3rd Place: $6,000
4th Place: $4,000
5th Place: $2,500
6th Place: $2,500

World of WarCraft
1st Place: $15,000
2nd Place: $6,000
      Nihilum Plasma
3rd Place: $3,600
4th Place: $2,400
5th Place: $1,500
      mousesports Cake
6th Place: $1,500
      aAa nawaK



   Venue information  

CeBIT, Deutsche Messe AG
Messegelände, Hall 22
30521 Hannover