Ledpc e-Sports Club vs. eXplosive
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 24.  32.

 Ledpc e-Sports Club
Status: closed
MatchID 10996806
Date Thursday 16 October 2008 21:30
Calculated Friday 17 October 2008 01:04
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Result Media
de_nuke 16 : 07
de_dust2 10 : 16
de_inferno 16 : 11
Ledpc e-Sports Club wins !
Points +3 : 0
17/10/08 00:52
Aequitas GuMmY*
2.5 MB, 17/10/08 00:52, by 1216372 (Ledpc)
17/10/08 00:55
MusambaN1 aequitas*
5.3 MB, 17/10/08 00:55, by MusambaN1 (Ledpc)
17/10/08 00:58
1.3 MB, 17/10/08 00:58, by Kairi (Ledpc)
17/10/08 01:00
1.6 MB, 17/10/08 01:00, by Kairi (Ledpc)
* No longer available

Ledpc e-Sports Club



Welcome all to the first match of Ledpc in the Extreme Masters III

We are going to face the ukranian team of eXplosive, a team we have to take care if we want to archieve something on this match because they have got great and experienced players so we will have to play our best if we want to win the match. Lets have a good night of CS and hope we can come on top ! good luck and have fun eXplosive :)
15/10/08 18:36
eXplosive vs Ledpc

Despite our training for Asus Autumn, we continue focusing on Extreme Masters.The first match our team to play against some of the strongest Spanish teams - Ledpc. I am sure that both teams will show a decent game and the strongest will win. Good luck to us and our oponents!
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comments (24)
hi boyz :)
hey guys!
Hello mates!
hmm do you agree with match date that is set here?
It deppends on you :P. You agree and can play at that time... or.. wanna change it ?
I think we're ready to play @ thursday 16th.
Hey guys, can we change the time to 22.30 ?
guys,can we move the match on monday (20 october) ???
20 October, at 22.00... can ?
Hmm we need to play on the date.. (16/10/08) You decide time : 21, 21:30, 22 or 22:30
lets start at 21
good half boys.
Hey guys!! Can we start at 22.00 ? please
21 or 21:30 - maximum guys. is it ok?
Hmm Can't start at 22.00 ?
22 cet is too l8 for us. it's 23:00 in ua time. And last time we've started the game @ 21 cet against competo - we've finished it @ 1 cet(02:00 ua time). Some of us got work and studies @ friday.
So don't want to finish the match about 3 or 4 o`clock(ua time) in the morning x_X
Ok. lets start at 21.30, Ok ?
gg guys
gg !
gg guys
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