Anonymous 2010 vs. AGAiN
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 Anonymous 2010
Status: closed
MatchID 10996753
Date Friday, 24 October 11:00
Calculated Friday, 24 October 15:10
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de_inferno 16 : 8
de_nuke 9 : 16
de_train 16 : 13
Anonymous 2010 wins !
Points +3 : 0
Anonymous 2010
24/10/08 05:49
Today we are facing, what many see as the number one team in the world, MYM.

We are playing the match as a IFNG here at Dubai, where we have just attended the Dubai Global Challange. We faced MYM in the group stage where we played a tight match, loosing 14-16. So we hope we can get our revenge here, altough its gonna be very tough.

GL and HF to MYM

Lineup: FaagaN AracdioN trace Friis and wazorN
24/10/08 05:37
Prematch Statement
Today we are faceing XLBET.ATS in the sekund group match of EM 3. We are playing the game on lan at global challange in dubai, and looking forward to the match. We are really set to show the world that the result of the group match down here, was a one time close game. HF to XLbet.ats.

Lineup: neo, luq, taz, loord and kuben
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OMG, WTF ATS IS THE ........... :)
aeq ;s ?
#2 they play from Dubai....... @ LAN, what aequitas? u want ajahahahahajajajajajahahahahaha
#3 nice english, gz
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