Playoff ineye demos
140 ineyes available

8 world-beating teams, 14 exciting playoff matches, 80 top-class players = 140 unique ineye demos. We've just uploaded all ineye demos of the Global Challenge Dubai Playoffs.

A lot of good players like 1716030 from Anonymous 2010 or the Ukrainian crew of DTS.chatrix.old participated in the group stage but didn't reach the playoffs. There were some very interesting games like SK Gaming vs. fnatic as well. Since we don't have the time to upload all ineye demos of the Group Stage, leave a comment which demo you want to see and we will provide it as soon as possible.
otacon, Tuesday, 28/10/08 09:37
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<3 crtmN
all mtw ineye demos.
all mouz ineyes pls
Nice job guys, glad to see them up :D
mym neo in-eyes :>
cArn and f0rest ineyes pls XD
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