Who's your MVP of the tournament?
Dubai's best player?

As the tournament is almost over we have to think about the best indiviudal perfomance of this tournament? So it's on you! What do you think? Was 883505's AWP unbeatable or 452543's clutch play? Did 3556702's Bambi mousepad convince you? It's up to you. Write your Most Valuable Player of Dubai into the comments.
otacon, Friday, 24/10/08 14:05
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Kapio for the final kill in the tournament. Man, has anybody ever won such a huge tournament with one final knife kill?
cyx, his AWP kills will be unforgettable xD
cyx, no doubt
imo Luq :p
cyx and tixo!1!
cyx is a fucking chines gob b ugly fat kapio this same wtf it is
fart ist stinken :D cyx sea guad :D
cyx n1!
it was from implulse iM~4ddict who knifed 4 times mTw on normal rounds =)
there is alot of great players in UAE
but u cant say that doomsder is the best
there is lots of good players that didnt show up at the tournament
but doomsder is a popular player and 1 of the best players

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uae players love to knife :P
rofl, kapio ended the match in a perfect way.
As for the MVP in dubai, i would say whimsy hehe :P
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Cyx was merely ausum with his awp ... n 4m the regional doomsder was nice . ;)
TaZ , NEO and cyx in final!
Beatiful frags by them!
tixo from mousesports
cyyyyxxx! tixo and kapio were good too
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