XeqtR proposes a new money system for CS1.6
What do you think?

otacon, Friday, 24/10/08 12:39
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I totally agree with you XeqtR, would love to see it put through a 1 off trial tournament perhaps!
yaa thats his point of view...

but the money system is really good as it is now...
even if thy did change the money system their will be pros and cons to it...
there isnt a perfect system...
so just stick to what we have been playing over the years with
It would be quite interesting this new kind of money system, cuz in the most cases after every ct gun round you need to save for 1 or 2 rounds, and that makes the really a bit boring. So I agree with XeqtR's suggestion.
But nice would also be to play 3 pistolrounds for both teams, than 3 rounds with gallil, famas and scout, finally rest of the rounds m4, ak and awp.
You must be joking!?
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Three pistol-rounds could be an alternative to the one we're playing with now. These points of view could bring us some new blood in the discussion about the fairness of the gun-round as we know now giving, in most cases, 3 points on the score board.

Imo Xeqtr hits the nail on the head with his argument about another money system giving us much more action by letting the players show what they're really capable of - instead of saving guns in 3vs4, 3vs5, 2vs4 situations or whatever they might as well go for it because they wont risc losing the next round as well due to low cash, and those situations could be really interesting both to watch and to play. That would make CS 1.6 matches so much more intense and exciting to watch, and actually i think the players might like it better as well.
can somebody explain why XeqtR must gone?
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