mousesports wins the Global Challenge!
mouz wins against MeetYourMakers

They did it! The reigning champion of the Intel Extreme Masters wins the Global Challenge Dubai. mousesports wins against AGAiN in the final. A few month ago 246354 stated at a German Intel Friday Night Game that his team is the worlds best on de_dust2. Today they proved it!

1st: mousesports (25,000USD)
2nd: AGAiN (10,000USD)
3rd: sdasdasdasd (6,000USD)
4th: mTw int. (4,000USD)
5th - 6th: Made in Brazil (2,500USD)
5th - 6th: SK Gaming (2,500USD)
Pictures of the ceremony will follow as soon as possible.
otacon, Friday, 24/10/08 14:09
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grats to all who prize money. :)
won :)
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