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    Playoff ineye demos 28.10.2008 14:37    
  140 ineyes available

8 world-beating teams, 14 exciting playoff matches, 80 top-class players = 140 unique ineye demos. We've just uploaded all ineye demos of the Global Challenge Dubai Playoffs.

A lot of good players like 1716030 from Anonymous 2010 or the Ukrainian crew of DTS.chatrix.old participated in the group stage but didn't reach the playoffs. There were some very interesting games like SK Gaming vs. fnatic as well. Since we don't have the time to upload all ineye demos of the Group Stage, leave a comment which demo you want to see and we will provide it as soon as possible.

    HLTV demos available, Ineyes will follow 26.10.2008 21:08    
  Relive Global Challenge Dubai

Back from Dubai we've just uploaded all HLTV demos of the Intel Extreme Masters III Global Challenge Dubai group stage and playoffs. Have fun if you want to watch a match you missed or want to see again. Tomorrow we will add a lot of ineye demos, but the mouz ineyes of the Grand Final are already disposable.

    Man of Dubai's final cyx talks 25.10.2008 17:44    
  mousesport's youngster interviewed

Shortly after mousesports defeated AGAiN cyx talked to SK's Carmac. The bigger part of the spectators agree on he was the best player in the whole tournament. Watch a pretty speachless cyx only minutes after they won Dubai.

In an additional interview Neo had a misgiving when he stated "Mouz were the toughest so far" befor they played the Grand Final.

    See mousesports beating MYM in the final! 24.10.2008 21:27    
  The reigning Intel Extreme Masters Champion in action

The complete Global Challenge Dubai gallery

    mousesports wins the Global Challenge! 24.10.2008 20:09    
  mouz wins against MeetYourMakers

They did it! The reigning champion of the Intel Extreme Masters wins the Global Challenge Dubai. mousesports wins against AGAiN in the final. A few month ago Kapio stated at a German Intel Friday Night Game that his team is the worlds best on de_dust2. Today they proved it!

1st: mousesports (25,000USD)
2nd: AGAiN (10,000USD)
3rd: sdasdasdasd (6,000USD)
4th: mTw int. (4,000USD)
5th - 6th: Made in Brazil (2,500USD)
5th - 6th: SK Gaming (2,500USD)
Pictures of the ceremony will follow as soon as possible.

    Who's your MVP of the tournament? 24.10.2008 20:05    
  Dubai's best player?

As the tournament is almost over we have to think about the best indiviudal perfomance of this tournament? So it's on you! What do you think? Was 883505's AWP unbeatable or 452543's clutch play? Did 3556702's Bambi mousepad convince you? It's up to you. Write your Most Valuable Player of Dubai into the comments.

    2nd map also de_dust2 24.10.2008 19:13    
  mouz overpowers MYM at first map

The first map is over and mousesports is still in the game as they won it. It was an impressive frag show by mouz, especially cyx' AWP shots rocked the boat. AGAiN didn't found the right instrument yet. But since both teams chosed dust2 again we will see if they did now.

Final pictures: first map

    XeqtR proposes a new money system for CS1.6 24.10.2008 18:39    
  What do you think?


    mouz advances to final - facing MYM 24.10.2008 16:52    
  Nope, Gameplay couldn't

After a very equal first half mousesports just owned sdasdasdasd as defender on de_inferno. Ruuit and his colleagues were no match for the German mice. Kapio's team will now have the chance to take revenge in the Grand Final of the Intel Extreme Masters III Global Challenge Dubai as they are playing AGAiN, which knocked them to the Lower Bracket yesterday.

Photos, photos, photos!

    mTw dropped out - This is what zonic had to say 24.10.2008 16:38    
  Videointerview with mTw's zonic


    Photos of Gameplay beating mTw 24.10.2008 15:24    
  Finish players kept cool while beating Denmarks top team

The complete Global Challenge Dubai gallery

    Gameplay unstoppable 24.10.2008 15:01    
  Can they also handle mouz?

With an impressive T side on de_nuke sdasdasdasd is marching further. Since AGAiN knocked them to the Lower Bracket nobody could stop the Finish, neither the Swedish powerhouses fnatic and SK nor mTw int.. Now it is on mousesports to thwart contE's team. The LB Final will start as soon as Kapio, tixo, gore, cyx and gob b have prepared at the stage.

    Gameplay vs. mTw live now 24.10.2008 13:57    
  iem_matchesleft -2

The Lower Bracket round 3 starts in a few minutes. mTw int. and sdasdasdasd will compete to advance to the Lower Bracket final. The loser receives $4,000, but the winner keeps the chance to win this tournament and $25,000! Watch it live on ESL TV.

    European Mainround match live in Dubai: ATS.dk vs. MYM 24.10.2008 13:33    
  Warm-up exercise for the Polish

Since both teams participated this week at Global Challenge Dubai they didn't have the time to hold their Intel Extreme Masters Main Round match. So we've decided that they can play in the tournament area here in Dubai. Anonymous 2010 won the first map 16:8 on de_inferno, the second one will be de_nuke. Seems like MYM isn't awake yet.

XLBet.AndThenSome vs. MeetYourMakers (hltv3.verygames.net:27051 by HLTV.org)

First photos of Friday

    CS update problems fixed? 24.10.2008 13:26    
  Thank you Valve!

As you might have noticed we've had a few problems with the Counter-Strike 1.6 update yesterday. There was a possibility that your CS would crash, just as we've seen on stage or ESL TV. Today HLTV.org reported that Valve released a new update and fixed the problems. Let's hope that we stay spared for today.

    Carmac - The third 24.10.2008 12:54    
  Here is the last part as promised!

Part 1/3 - Part 2/3

    MYM advances to Grand Final 23.10.2008 20:26    
  At least $10,000 for Neo and Co

In an absolutely fantastic match AGAiN knocked mousesports to the Lower Bracket final. Both teams were very equal and it were mainly the saved weapons which brought the victory to the Polish players. Now there are only three matches left to decide who the biggest part of the $50,000 prize money. Stay tuned and watch everything live on our Coverage page or on ESL TV!

The last three matches at the final day:

Photos of the WB Final

    RobbaN talks suddenly after the loss to GPL.tv 23.10.2008 20:25    
  Only sixth place for SK Gaming


    You missed SK playing GamePlay? 23.10.2008 19:06    
  Here are the pictures of the thrilling showdown!

Photos: SK Gaming vs. GamePlay

    Gameplay eliminates both Swedish teams 23.10.2008 18:36    
  Scandinavian showdown in the LB Final

What a game! sdasdasdasd outplayed both Swedish powerhouses in a row. The winners of Los Angeles and Montreal aren't in the tournament anymore. So we will definitely see a new winner in Dubai. Ex-Roccat will face mTw int. tomorrow at 07:30 EDT. The last match for today will be the winner bracket final mouz vs. MYM starting in 25 minutes.

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Counter-Strike 1.6
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Group Stage

Dates: October 20th-24th
Format: Groups/Playoffs
Location: Dubai, Gitex Shopper
Advance from: Wild card
Prizemoney: $50,000

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st Place: $25,000
2nd Place: $10,000
3rd Place: $6,000
      Team GamePlay
4th Place: $4,000
5-6th Place: $2,500
      Made in Brazil
5-6th Place: $2,500
      SK Gaming



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Airport Expo
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