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kr  Wemade Fox vs. cn  a4u 15 : 15 (1)
cn  1944098 vs. kr  804587 2 : 1 (0)
kp  1157983 vs. cn  2055996 2 : 0 (0)
sg  AEON vs. sg  TitaNs eSports 11 : 19 (1)
kp  1157983 vs. cn  1944098 2 : 0 (0)
cn  2055996 vs. kr  804587 1 : 2 (0)
sg  AEON vs. cn  a4u 9 : 16 (1)
kr  Wemade Fox vs. sg  TitaNs eSports 16 : 4 (0)
cn  1944098 vs. cn  1944209 0 : 2 (1)
cn  1479288 vs. kr  804587 2 : 1 (2)
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    More videos from Chengdu 19.01.2009 14:06    
  A few more videos from Chengdu
The event is indeed over, but during the event James did some more interviews that was not promoted in our coverage.

Interview with InFi

Interview with Lyn

Interview with TeD

Interview with Sky

Interview with Moon, again

Interview with Fly100%

    wNv wins Continental Finals Asia CS 18.01.2009 08:57    
  wNv teamwork!

The Chinese won unexpectedly the Grand Final of the Intel Extreme Masters Continental Final Asia CS. Coming from the Lowerbracket they had to beat the former eSTRO team from Korea now playing under the flag of Wemade Fox. Almost nobody counted on wNv, since they already lost to the Koreans at the semifinal yesterday. But they took their name literally and showed wisdom, nerve finally victory! The Intel Extreme Masters event in Chengdu is over, but there are only 50 days until the winners of all Continental Finals will meet at the Global Finals at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

The Final Counter-Strike Rankings

1st: wNv Teamwork.CN (25,000USD + Spot at the Global Finals)
2nd: Wemade Fox (10,000USD + Spot at the Global Finals)
3rd: TitaNs eSports (6,000USD)
4th: TyLoo (4,000USD)
5/6th: ExsequoR (2,500USD)
5/6th: a4u (2,500USD)

    CS Grand Final - The photos 18.01.2009 08:47    
  wNv won the first map

Hundreds of pictures from Chengdu, China

    Videointerviews with CS players 18.01.2009 08:08    
  WeMade Fox manager, wNv|KangTa and TitaN|strykerx


    wNv qualified for Global Finals 18.01.2009 07:13    
  Cu in Hannover Wemade Fox and wNv!

wNv Teamwork.CN qualified for the Intel Extreme Masters III Global Finals taking place at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, from 6th until 8th of March 2009. They just managed to beat TitaNs eSports from Singapore a second time, after beating them in the semifinal yesterday. Now wNv will face Wemade Fox in the Grand Final and will determine if they get either $25,000 for the first place or $10,000 for finishing second.

Qualified for the Global Finals:

    Sky wins WC3 tournament in Chengdu 18.01.2009 05:48    
  His second title in one week

The Warcraft 3 side tournament at the Continental Final Asia CS is finished. The winner is Sky. Only one week ago he won the WC3L XIV Finals with his team World Elite. He had to play Grubby already in his second group stage match on friday. This time the Dutch Orc wasn't even able to win one map. So the next game in Chengdu will be the CS1.6 Consolation Final between Team TitaNs and wNv. They compete for the second spot at the Intel Extreme Masters III Global Finals at CeBIT, since WeMade Fox already secured the other one yesterday.

The Final Warcraft 3 Rankings

1st: 1479288 (5,000USD)
2nd: Grubby (2,500USD)
3rd: 1944209 (1,500USD)
4th: 1157983 (1,000USD)

    Grubby, Ppg and TeD and a lot of fans 18.01.2009 05:38    
  Autographs and souvenir photos

More pictures of Grubby, Ppg and TeD taking care of their fans!

    WC3 Grand Final: Grubby vs. Sky 18.01.2009 04:53    
  Looking for revenge!

The Dutch superstar advances to the Grand Final of the Warcraft 3 tournament in Chengdu, China. After beating TeD he will face Sky in the Grand Final. Both players are looking for revenge, since Grubby lost to 1479288 in the group stage but just kicked Sky's clanmate 1944209 out of the tournament. The last Warcraft 3 match of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 3 is about to start in a couple of minutes.

If Grubby want to win this tournament, he has beat his Human opponent on four maps, since he is coming from the Lowerbracket and has to win two Best of threes. The maps of the first Bo3 are: Twisted Meadows, Melting Valley and Ancient Isles.

    First pictures of the final day 18.01.2009 04:44    
  Welcome to Happy Valley

The complete Intel Extreme Masters III gallery!

    Moon lost to TeD 18.01.2009 03:52    
  Undead > Fifth race

1944209 kicked 1157983 out of the tournament. Unlike the Counter-Strike tournament no Korean is in the tournament. In a few minutes TeD will face Grubby. This constellation isn't the first one here in Chengdu. Both met already at the group stage. It was Grubby, who was able to win this first face-off. Can he redo his triumph?

    Ineye demo: bail vs. wNv 18.01.2009 03:35    
  One of the best players of Korea!

Since the internet connection isn't really good in China, we are glad to offer the first point of view demo of the Intel Extreme Masters III Continental Finals Asia CS. The Korean ingame captain 2770810 of Wemade Fox showed his impressive skill in the Winnerbracket Final against wNv Teamwork.CN. Besides a lot of good and clutch rounds it was the last round, which will stay in our minds. Facing a majority of opponents he managed to win the round and bestowed a spot at the Global Final on his team. You can download the ineye demo here.

    Final day opened by Moon and TeD 18.01.2009 02:50    
  Five matches left in Chengdu

In ten minutes 1157983 and 1944209 are going to compete for facing Seoul winner Grubby in the Lowerbracket final. Only one of them will remain in the tournament. The loser has to leave the tournament and receives $1,000, the rest keeps on competing for the first prize of $5,000.

    WeMade Fox 晋级德国总决赛! 17.01.2009 11:00    

在今天的最后一战中 Wemade Fox 击败了 wNv Teamwork.CN从而确保了自己能够进军到全球总决赛。明天,wNv和TitaNs将展开生死战以决定谁能赢到另一个总决赛席位。当然,等待最终胜利者的还有高达50,000美元的巨额奖金。


    Photos of the Opening Ceremony 17.01.2009 10:30    
  Intels eSports Stadium is officially opened

The complete Intel Extreme Masters III gallery!

    Sky reaches the final 17.01.2009 10:06    
  Will he face Grubby again?

It was the last Warcraft 3 match for today. Sky beat Grubby in the Winner Bracket final with 2:0 on Melting Valley and Twisted Meadows. So Grubby will face the winner of Moon vs. TeD tomorrow. If he will win he can take revenge on Sky and win $5,000!

    TyLoo dropped out of the tournament 17.01.2009 08:55    
  They finished 4th and receive $4,000

TitaNs eSports advances to the Consolation Final. They beat TyLoo in a very close and exciting match on de_nuke in the overtime. So only three teams remain in the tournament. They will compete for two spots at the Global Finals in March. Who is going to make it? The Singaporean, Korean or Chinese one?

    A lot of new pictures 17.01.2009 08:29    
  The CS teams during the semifinals

See them all!

    A ten minute talk to Grubby 17.01.2009 07:44    
  He won Seoul, how far can he get in Chengdu?


    Upcoming: Upper and Lower Bracket Final 17.01.2009 07:37    
  This time the Chinese attendees lost

WeMade Fox beat TyLoo with an outstanding score of 16:3
Grubby won against TeD

    James showing you the venue 17.01.2009 06:56    
  The first eSport Stadium of the World


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Counter-Strike 1.6
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2nd Place: $10,000
      Wemade Fox
3rd Place: $6,000
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4th Place: $4,000
5-6th Place: $2,500
5-6th Place: $2,500

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