Grubby vs. fire_de
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Date Friday, 08 February 20:00
Calculated Friday, 08 February 21:12
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Grubby
    ( Too late at an Intel Friday Night Game )

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Echo Isles 1 : 0
Gnoll Wood 1 : 0
Grubby wins !
Points +3 : 0
05/02/08 16:18
Match vs LiiLD.C.
Lately I've met LiiLD.C. quite a lot, for example in ZOTAC cup finals. We played also on LAN now and then and maybe we will again when MYM plays vs PGS for WC3L. He is a tough opponent and has been getting tougher, and also Elf is pretty imbalanced. Last time I only won 3/2, so it will be hard to keep a good result. Still I think I am pretty good vs Elf, and with the most fair map pool in the world, that of EM, I should be able to do a good performance. In spite of all this, D.C. and me already played each other a while ago and instead I will be facing Fire_de. He is German and he is Human, and he has thought about retiring for a while. I don't think I need to say anything else. GL to us both but more to me cuz fire has towers!

P.S. LiiLD.C. wished Pamela Anderson was his mother!
06/02/08 13:01

Friday is gonna be the moment of truth. Am I still capable of beating a real top player or not?
Grubby has shown great results lately and sort of overcome his bad (depending on what u label as bad) results of the past year. Also, he probably has recieved a motivation boost by joining MYM and I dont think he wants to lose his first offline match for his new team.

Personally I really dislike playing vs orc lately, because I do not know how to play against certain hero combinations. I wont mention here which one I mean, but there arent really too many, so most people will be able to figure out which one I mean.
The playing style of orc vs hu has really evolved in the past months and I havent been able to adjust 100% to it, as seen in my catastrophic games against Rob.

Nevertheless I will enjoy playing infront of the audience in cologne and hope that we can show a great performance for the audience!

Good luck, Fire
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grubby ftw
grubby fighting
teh one and pwnly FIRE !
gogo fire go eps :)
Going to be hard for Grubby..

I hope 2-1 for Grubby

go fire :]
Fire fighting!
good luck fire :)
lol falsches Statement !
actually not, if u are able to read, but wrong language of yours LOL! ...

skfirede fighting (:
hau rein fire!
grubby 2-0 fire ... grubby is hardly beatable! On Zotac Cup he shows us how many strats he got vs. hu. He's in good performance, winning every saturday the zotac cup and yeh ... it's grubby :D he'll win.
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grubby pwns <3
go go! 2 0
gg grubby
well done! GG's
kaum arrogant zu spät zu nem ifng zu kommen...
Naja ist halt Grubby.. QMG
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ROFL @ #17
@#17 ..der stand doch im stau^^
passt trotzdem zu grubby -.-
nice match grubby :) seen ya in tv <-< wuhu =^-^=
wooden kennt ihn wohl persönlich ..
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