elfittaja vs. XyLigan
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MatchID 8169306
Date Tuesday, 05/02/08 14:00
Calculated 05/02/08 14:59
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elfittaja wins !
Points +3 : 0
04/02/08 09:50
Sh*t happens
Hi everyone, my next oppo is elfi-ud who is first guy in our group. I lost my match vs knoff so now i need win 2 matchs 2-0 2-0 think its imposible coz of mappool.Thats why i just try to win match for play relegation match for spot.
GL hf
04/02/08 14:10
My groupstage last match is vs xyligan I just need 1 map to make it to finals but I suck damn much vs human :/. I hope I have good day tomorrow so I can win but we will see gl hf xyligan
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Xy is still at home with bad net, hope he can pull thru
fucking nicely played
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