Spirit of Amiga vs. MeetYourMakers.cs
Contestants Parameters
 13.  21.

 Spirit of Amiga
Status: closed
MatchID 8170181
Date Monday, 07 January 19:00
Calculated Tuesday, 08 January 01:16
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Result Media
de_train 16 : 6
de_nuke 16 : 8
Spirit of Amiga wins !
Points +3 : 0
Spirit of Amiga
06/01/08 06:47
Prematch statement
Pentagram has been one of the best teams in the world for some time now. Their roster is awe inspiring and their persistance is a beauty to behold. We will have to rise to the top of our game to see them off. However, we do feel that we have this possibility at hand and therefore we hope for a win.

Team line-up : ArcadioN, Friis, trace, Anizz, Zitic
06/01/08 11:04
Hi there, if we want to advance from the group play we need to win this game, there's no more place left for mistakes. SoA is a very good team, it won't be an easy game. We hope for a good start in 2008! GL, and have fun :)

lineup - Kuben, LUq, Neo, Loord, and MISA TaZ
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pgs aka MYM
neo will make it
Connection 100/100mbit (ArcadioN)
which maps ? :)
It wont accept my ZIP file.

Link to Aequitasfile,

you have to upload it @ esl page :) read the rules
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