faculty.Tagan vs. Competo.ZYKON systems
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 Competo.ZYKON systems
Status: closed
MatchID 8002340
Date Sunday, 04/11/07 12:00
Calculated 04/11/07 16:09
map tba
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11 : 16
Competo.ZYKON systems wins !
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comments (28)
.. germans
... germans
starComa gogogo

eddy nice ping :D
next time let play real teams if it's for do that
next time you should use aequitas
next time we hope that will be in lan fucking noob
4 aequitas ? lOl
maybe he thinks he is playing for Millenium and so he did't use it
starComa tout ca pour ca ! une belle défaite :p
at lan begrip ripZ you off millenium so go read the aeq manual
lalalalal :D
Shut up french people or we will overrun you again. I hate your dirty country !
you should work your side ct ^___^
10 frags in 9 round for all the team is weak i think :/
kristen ferme bien ta grande gueule sale schleu ! gros bouffon !!!
chrizzo sCa.Tagan Logfile vorhanden.
y4sin sCa.Tagan Logfile vorhanden.
ph0s sCa.Tagan Logfile vorhanden.
b4d sCa.Tagan Logfile vorhanden.
eddy sCa.Tagan Logfile vorhanden.

you see german people can use aequitas
kristen whats wrong with you? they overrun them or what? they ALREADY won and they know that for sure. they arent german like u playing 24/7 ESL matches..
no he can't play 24/7 esl because the page is 10 hours a day down
oh nice it is update :p
it's pity that competo have 5 aequitas, they can't win this match this time :>
So, just shut up. You have no permission to speak here as french !
kristen ferme ta gueule ! stupid man !!!
ok adolf "kristen" hitler
Speak German oder English, if you can !
bigfoot want pps :D
ok adolf "kristen" hitler ^=^
hahaha excellent bigfoot
who said kristen, that i have no permission to speak as a french guy here? :) explan that... dreist, i think they realy dont care about PPS? :D hes not german so i think he like to play more on LAN than on INET (esl matches).
kristen leicht dum? ban plz.
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