Millenium vs. faculty.Tagan
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Status: closed
MatchID 8002335
Date Sunday 04 November 2007 17:00
Calculated Sunday 04 November 2007 17:00
map tba
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0 : 1
faculty.Tagan wins !
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comments (32)
starComa gogogo
pls contact us #esl.masters.cs
map is de_train
millenium, plz contact me via irc.
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have fun Millenium ;)
<3 YiiKoN
gg mile
*DEAD* starComa.Tagan | y4sin : INET

LAMZ y4sin !!!
lol good match

YiiKoN (#811279) 0:0:3045647 train CT & T
Millenium is inet only
lol battez vous allez c est caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
dem up
GOGO Millenium!
lol, why 1:0 for starComa?
mega doesnt have aequitas...only demo
5 sCa demos plz /:
:s unlucky
nice fair play...
average ping : 60 millenium vs 30 sCa..
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its a good way to go in semi final :p
Hey Milenium, this is online and here are germans on top. Gj anyway!
thanks DI team for your support too bad that players arent fairplay at all but well this is the cs community..
like always germans.. anyway gratz for that high result!
rules are rules so what ?
stop with the "germans" flaming plz, that's just childishly wrong generalizing.

of course this way of advancing is lame. but in the special rules for the cup that you all know of it says ""Missing Aequitas Files or missing Demos will result in a Default Loss" . so how could you be so reckless not to have that file at hand? explain that to me? you managed to have all the files needed there in the other matches as well.

sorry, it's your own fault you didn't move on. the rules weren't changed for starcoma or something, and you all exactly knew which files had to be uploaded. so these "german conspiracy" comments are just making you look like immature kids tbh.
the only tournament where a french team won something was the Word Scandal Games with emulate - so STOP talking about lan cuz french teams always sucked at it :)
cezarity english plz =)
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