EYEsports vs. Millenium
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Status: closed
MatchID 8002326
Date Sunday, 04/11/07 10:00
Calculated 04/11/07 11:52
map tba
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13 : 16
Millenium wins !
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map is de_nuke
Millenium win 16 - 13
you have to add the aequitasfiles to the matchmedia of this match. heres the link: http://www.esl-world.net/masters/season2/cs/last_chance_qualifier/matchmedia/adddata/8002326/
We asked for YiiKoN demo to upload, He ain't uploading and he got no replaylog in aequitas log
yiikon is uploading démo
dommage les gars a la prochaine et battez vous
see you later..............
nice Millenium ;)
lamz Begrip !
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