shock value.CS Extreme Masters vs. bioXar AUSTRIA Extreme Masters
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 shock value.CS Extreme Masters
 bioXar AUSTRIA Extreme Masters
Status: closed
MatchID 8002323
Date Sunday 04 November 2007 15:00
Calculated Sunday 04 November 2007 15:00
map tba
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0 : 1
bioXar AUSTRIA Extreme Masters wins !
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comments (46) VACULT! Main by

pw: esl
sry for posting ip!
we want remove


we would like to play de_train
1 edits
we are going to play cbble.
pw is incorrect
pls read your email!

team one removed a map, team 2 removed a map ... the last map will be played! team on leftside begins!

<crtmN> you got a mail with infos
<crtmN> each team can remove two maps
<crtmN> the last map will be played
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we remove nuke
we removed de_inferno
we remove train. so d2 will be played
dust2 kk cu in
demos request:

H A Y A T E 0:1:10060389 both sides
gyki 0:1:16127561 both sides

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pls accept we want to play the next match! demos going on!
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no accept. demos please
ahahaha omikron GJ JFL :)
gute gegner hatte ihr omikron :D
hayate, I LIKE I LIKE
ja schau mal deren accoutns an =)
omikron pls stop flame! this is an international game! pls qrite in english!
i didnt flame at all. cu @protest
die sind doch schon am uppen ... und ihr müsst da n report schreiben und nicht protest ...
! this is an international game! pls qrite in english!
owned? =DD
omiKroN wrote:
ja schau mal deren accoutns an =)

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sry i see gyki failed... coming now.
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there is only H A Y A T E T demo. 3 demos missing
brahahha the so called "over the top acc" ahahah <3

get yourself some new D&G stuff, guess you like that, r0aflw!
i must upload CT demo for HAYATE 3 mins!
sorry inet probs , demos upped

my demos are uploadet! HF&GL
1 edits
all files are up!
accept the match.
accept the match pls
all requested Demos are uploadet. Please accept the Match and close the Protest.
firstly upload the right aequitas!
velo fix sry 4 that!
1 edits
right aeq uploadet, it was my fault.

H A Y A T E cu @ 12 pps
ok ;)
pls gus dont spamming and hf today
da wurde bioxar wohl ein opfer :/
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