vs. interstate99
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MatchID 8002315
Date Sunday, 04/11/07 09:00
Calculated 04/11/07 09:27
map tba
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1 : 0 wins !
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hi !
The games are best-of-1, map choice is based on veto:The left team in the match details is considered "team 1", the right one "team 2"Standard ESL Extreme Masters Map Pool (de_dust2,de_nuke,de_train,de_inferno,de_cbble), team 1 removes a map, team 2 removes a map, team 1 removes a map, team 2 removes a map and the last map will be played.

Our first veto: de_dust2 ESL #Praccnation Tournament #1

Private me on IRC for the password.
please contact us as soon as possible.
IRC: #dRu , #esl.masters.cs

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