Qualify for Chengdu WarCraft III Tournament
It is time for all the WarCraft III players out there to take their chance to play in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. Would you like to sign up and possibly go to China and play WarCraft III, travel expenses partly paid? Read on to see how it all goes down!
As previously announced, Intel Extreme Masters will hold a WarCraft III tournament during our stop in Chengdu, China, where eight professional players are to be invited along with four qualified contestants.

32 players get the chance this Sunday

The qualifier will hold 32 spots, single elimination and best-of-three, where the four best players qualify to get travel support ($250 from China, $500 from Asia outside China, $750 from the rest of the world) and go to Chengdu to take part of the Global Challenge where $10,000 is at stake. Note, however, that players will have to pay their travel costs themselves and get the given amount of money afterwards.

The tournament is set to begin at Sunday, 15:00 CET.

Send your application today!

In order to take part, fill out the following form, and send it to masters.s4.gc.chengdu@esl.eu before Thursday night, 23:59 CET. The 32 best players will be hand picked by the Intel Extreme Masters staff. By sending in your application, you commit to take part of the Global Challenge in Chengdu taking place from October 1st to 3rd in case you qualify for top four.
Genie, Monday, 31/08/09 11:22
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good luck
Good luck everybody
when and where will parcitipants be announced?
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