Three new well known British hosts at ESL TV
From now on three new British moderators will present finest eSports at ESL TV. All three already got a lot experience as moderators and are well known to the scene. James '2GD' Harding, Joe Miller and Matt 'zalmah' Rider will present the upcoming three Intel Extreme Masters III events in Los Angeles, Montreal and Dubai as well as the starting ESL Pro Series in the United Kingdom.
James '2861862' Harding

Only a few months ago James had his biggest appearance as a presenter at Games Convention when he was the host of the eSports Award 2008. Before that he had already commented on other eSport events. Especially in World of Warcraft he demonstrated his competence, which he gained as a successful player at fnatic.

Joe 'Joe' Miller

Joe is well known for years as an eSports moderators. The Counter-Strike and Call of Duty 4 expert commented the legendary CPL finals between Vo0 and Fatal1ty for the American MTV back in 2005.

Matt '2621424' Rider
Matt Rider makes up the trio. For many years he was a Counter-Strike player till he switched to World of Warcraft. He succeeded to participate in big tournaments such as the Intel and Blizzard Warcraft Weekend.

On this weekend James, Joe and Matt will make their debut at the Global Challenge Los Angeles of Intel Extreme Masters III. All week long you get free access to the High Quality Premium Stream in brilliant, pin sharp quality! During the event you can access it directly on the Global Challenge Los Angles Microsite.

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Global Challenge L.A.
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TooGood was obnoxious and kept interrupting Zalmah while asking him questions he wouldn't let him respond to. He was blatantly setting him up for questions only to play devil's advocate and attempting to make him look bad. Giving huge credit to Zalmah for his patience. Overall it was good shoutcasting, but would have been MUCH better had TooGood worked as a team instead of trying to appear as the "better shoutcaster" the whole event.
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