Intel Extreme Masters visit Seoul, Korea
The last stop to be announced is here! All cards are on the table as we announce the last exciting stop in the season 3 of Intel Extreme Masters. Seoul, South Korea, will be the host city for the Asian World of WarCraft Continental Finals, the Korean Counter-Strike qualifications and a RTS Game tournament. This means three different competitions during the same event. More information about each competition follows.

Location and venue information

The competitions will take place during the GStar convention in Seoul, South Korea, between the dates of 13th to 16th of November 2008. The venue goes under the name Korean International Exhibition Center (Kintex).

Pictures from last GStar:

The Asian Continental Finals for WoW

The first and most exciting competition is the Continental Finals for World of WarCraft. Through a sign up the Asian top class WoW teams will get wild carded and battle it out for the slots in the Global Finals in Hanover. The amount of teams is not certain yet, although there will be a minimum of 10 teams. There for we stress that all the Asian WoW teams that would like to participate in the biggest tournament so far sign up as soon as possible.

Keyfacts Continental Finals Asia WoW
Game: World of WarCraft
Sign up method: application and wild card
Amount of teams: minimum of 10 teams
Spots in the Global Finals: a minimum of two
Prize money: $30,000
Apply for : Fill in and e-mail

South Korean Continental Finals qualifier

As mentioned and as you might have noticed there will be no online qualifiers taking place in Asia. However, during this event all South Korean Counter-Strike teams will get the chance to sign up and qualify for the Continental Finals CS Asia that was earlier announced to take place in Chengdu, China.

The three best placed teams in this tournament are qualified to go to the Continental Finals CS Asia in Chengdu and will get their fair share of the $10,000 that's up for grabs during the qualifiers.

Keyfacts Korean CS qualifier
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Sign up method: application and wild card
Amount of teams: 8 teams, 3 teams advance
Prize money: $10,000
Apply for : Fill in and e-mail korea.cs.quali(at)
Nationality accepted: South Korea only

1on1 RTS Game with $10,000 in the prize pool

Just like in Chengdu, China, A 1on1 RTS Game will be played. In this tournament $10,000 is at stake and will feature four players in total. The game will be announced later on.

Keyfacts 1on1 RTS Game
Game: 1on1 RTS Game
Sign up method: wild card
Amount of players: 4 players
Prize money: $10,000
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