Participants of the first Global Challenge in Leipzig
The third Intel Extreme Masters is about to start: the Kick-Off will be held at the world's biggest games trade fair: the Games Convention in Leipzig. From 21st until 24th of August, 12 WoW-Teams will compete for 30,000USD and 2 Global Finals slots for their continent. Today we proudly present the 12 best teams in the world, which will participate at the first Global Challenge in Germany. It will be an amazing and thrilling kick-off.
We are really proud to welcome 12 of the best teams in the world. Among other top teams, Pandemic, the Winner of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dreamhack, mTw, the best team in the world according to online rating and x6tence, second at Blizzard WWI '08, will come to Germany. Furthermore the world famous player Hafu, first woman to win a major WoW tournament, will also participate with her team fnatic. This event will be a Thriller.

All teams will be playing in Leipzig on highest performing Intel Extreme Processors on Alienware Area-51® Systems from Dell's Gaming group. Get a closer look at the official tournament PC and the official tournament Laptop.

All participants

Team Alternate
    Daniel 'Sanchez' Lamprecht
    Luka 'Zoja' Maric
    Marcel 'Hogaz' Honnef
    Néstor 'Souler' García
    Víctor 'Falcon' Sánchez
    Javier 'Siler' Dobón
aAa Agita
    Nicolas 'Léà' Peyré
    Erol 'Zephiris' Rugar
    Erik 'Tr00d' Winai
    Florian 'Alca' Österle
    Andreas 'Syrez' Schimp
    Kris 'Valec' Hoyer
SK Gaming
    Simon 'Xom' Palmer
    Valent 'Another' Sebatijan
    Olivier 'Orly' Bellemans
    Rumay 'Hafu' Mang
    Alex 'glick' Hloderwski
    Isaac 'Azael' Cummings-Bentley
    Alex 'alec' Sheldrick
    Philipp 'philDryzen' Dreisen
    Jörn 'incarnated' Thieme
Nihilum Plasma
    Luis 'Eldissy' Di Centa
    Mike 'Redhot' Tyrrell
    Patrick 'Inflame' Costales
    Florian 'Donjuansohn' Weber
    Luchin 'Cerberuss' Doblies
    Janosch 'Thaloris' Doblies
Pandemic Blue
    Nathan 'Kintt' Quinn
    David 'Ohnoes' Atz
    Brian 'Caal' McPharlin
    Sven 'Finrod' Henkel
    Aaron 'Ginnyy' Kroeck
    Gordon 'Hurray' Rempe
Wir nehmen Kerze
    Elias 'Kaede' Zeitfogel
    Oliver 'Zual' Mitzlaff
    Carsten 'Mindola' Schollmaier

Intel Extreme Masters III

In the third season the world's best players will meet in the Intel® Extreme Masters to determine the best one of the cream of the crop. In Counter-Strike 1.6 (5on5) and World of Warcraft (3on3) the best teams will play for a total prize money of 750,000 USD. In this season we will hold nine major events in North America, Asia and Europe before the season reaches it's climax at the World Finals at CeBIT in March 2009.
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hi marcel
Ich liebe dieses Pokémon!
die deutschen spieler kenn ich alle net .. turnier der nonames lasstet die spiele beginnen

1) SK Gaming
2) Nihilum Plasma
3) Pandemic Blue

denke ich mal
Realmpool Schattenbrand nehm ich an, relentless? :)
Gibt es auch nen Stream zum WoW-Turnier? Das ESL-TV Programm sieht eher nach CS und WC3 aus.
nein cyclone mein kleiner freund
1) MTW
2) Sk Gaming
3) fnatic
so wird es sich gestalten IMO TBH
Juli ist zufälligerweise in der gleichen Gilde wie die Leute von mTw :D Aber trotzdem toller Tip! :P
1) Wir nehmen Kerze
2) SK Gaming
3) fnatic

So schauts aus, weil jo, punkt und sowieso!
Wo kann ich das anschauen?

Bei mir kommt nur crap lol!
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