Grand Season Opening
Tonight marks the opening of the first Extreme Masters by ESL season with a spectacular eSports event in Hamburg. Ninjas in Pyjamas, mousesports, Insomnia and Miou celebrate the beginning of the hunt for 160,000 Euro, together with more than 1,000 screaming fans. The Intel Friday Night Game offers a world of excitement with a live TV broadcast, plenty of entertainment opportunities, raffle with attractive hardware prizes and much more.
The Matches:
    NiP's great comeback! 15:15 is the end result.

We will update you throughout the evening with photos and scroes. Be sure to chech back later.

Get Autographs from the Top Players: The Intel Friday Night Game will feature the top matches of the Extreme Masters. Europe's best teams and gamers will fight for 160,000 Euro (about 205,000 US-Dollar). Get a hold of them in our special autographs and photo hour. Have a little chat with the stars or ask them for a photo with you and your mates.

Chill out and have fun: At every Intel Friday Night Game, there will be a chill-out area. Where you can sit down on one of the Fatboys and enjoy the snugness. You can also visit our partner booths. You have the chance to play the newest games and demos on high-end PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These are our partners in Hamburg:

Top entertainment: Furthermore, you will also get the chance to drive in a true to original BMW Sauber F1 race car. The Intel Racing Tour gives you the chance to drive a virtual race in this cockpit. And if you are good enough, you have the possibility to win a real BMW M6!

Music Act: The Intel Friday Night Game in Hamburg will feature well-known German musician Jan Hegenberg, who will entertain the crowd by playing his gaming and eSports tunes.

Top play mode: The play mode of Exreme Masters is very easy to understand. 24 participants (respectively in CS and WC3) are playing in the group stage. They are seperated into four groups with six participants. The four group winners are directly qualified for the finals. The eight second and third placed participants compete for the remaining four slots.
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GIGA2 Stream (English and German)
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