Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai Stage 1
The registration for the Stage 1 of the StarCraft II tournament at Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai is now open. Applicants have until midnight (PST) on the 10th of July to submit their registration. 16 spots are available.
The tournament at Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai will start with Stage 1 and its 16 accepted applicants on July 25th at ChinaJoy in Shanghai, China. Played out in two Double Elimination brackets of 8, only four players will advance into Stage 2 and have a chance at $25,000 as well as all-important WCS points.

In the previous season of the Intel Extreme Masters, we introduced the Open Bracket. Through this, many players throughout the year had significant successes making their way into the main tournament – some, such as Mvp, even ended up winning the actual tournament after an impressive run through the Open Bracket at Intel Extreme Masters Gamescom in 2012.

With our revamped system, Stage 1 allows for similar opportunities for players who did not manage to participate in the qualifiers, but want to try their luck at qualifying on-site.

How to register?

In order to register for the open bracket, please send a mail to with the following information:
- Full name
- Link to your profile
- List of tournament achievements, if available
- Date of Birth

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 10th 2013, 24:00 PST

Additional information
Price is 50 U.S. Dollars, to be paid via PayPal
Price includes access to the venue
If you make it through Stage 1, WCS points and a share of the prize money are guaranteed

Who gets selected?

Players who sign up for the tournament's Stage 1 get selected according to their WCS ranking - the higher their ranking, the higher their priority to get a spot in Stage 1.

We will have two slots for the host country, two slots per IEM region (Europe/Africa, The Americas and Asia/Australia) and eight slots open overall.

If any of the regional slots are not taken, they will be shifted to the overall slots instead, increasing them by whatever number of slots needs to be filled.

2 slots for host country
2 slots per region
8 overall slots
Players are prioritized according to their WCS ranking
Regional slots that aren't filled will be added to overall slots
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